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The High Price of Playing with Your Penis – Prostate Problems

A man is suffering from peeing himself often, and his ears are ringing like the fourth of July. What can he do to alleviate these unwanted symptoms?

Case #: 1848


My ears continue feel extreme sensitivity. It sounds as if percussion sounds were buzzing in my ears. Even my urine seems too often leak out for no reason.


Ever been to a music event that was just too loud? I recently went and checked out a jazz band that was playing at a nearby club. The music was good enough, but man…was it loud! I’m sure it didn’t help that I was sitting in the front row, but by the end of the mini-concert as the audience filed out of the club, I literally couldn’t hear what people were saying or talking about.

Later, after I returned home, I detected a distinct ringing sound which persisted for about an hour. I blame it almost entirely on the band member who was playing the trumpet…and I don’t think I’m ever going to be sitting anywhere close to the front row of a live musical event again.

You can think of your body as a horn; if you play it (masturbate) too hard and too much, you can “blow” through your body’s protective prostaglandin E-1 resources. When this happens, prostaglandin E-2, which is normally kept in check by E-1, can saturate your body just as air floods into a horn.

When prostaglandin accumulates it can have an inflammatory effect, causing pain and discomfort within your muscles, nerves, and joints. It can also enflame the brain, causing ringing ears, and damage the parasympathetic nervous system and prostate, which can lead to urinary issues.

Having a compromised parasympathetic nervous system can also lead to not being able to control your ejaculations, so you may want to do something about these issues before that springs up too. So how do you get rid of these symptoms you’re probably now wondering? Read on...

You’ve Only Got One Member…Take Care of it

Prostate health is very important so make sure that you are taking care of yourself properly. You can do this first by making sure that your diet consists of whole foods, not trashy fast food and other processed junk foods. A proper exercise program is also paramount to improving your overall health, so joining a gym or investing in some work out equipment might be wise.

Most men need additional help however, many turn to natural healing herbs in order to ensure that they recover. The powerful properties contained within these mixtures can greatly reduce the amount of prostaglandin E-2 within your prostatic fluids, easing pain and inflammation. They can also help to repair your weakened parasympathetic nervous system, putting an end to any urinary issues.

So make sure that any horns blowing are filled only with good vibrations of pleasure and wellness

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