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Sports Supplements And Smoking Create Erectile Problems That Add Up To Produce PE

I smoked pot for about eight years. My fiance’ and I used to have pretty good sex, but now I ejaculate really quickly

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I am 24 years old and I have smoked pot for about eight years. But I workout every day and I usually take yohimbine, pyruvate, and adreninine as fat burners. My fiancé' and I used to have pretty good sex, but now I’m starting to ejaculate really quickly. Could the herbs, the weed, have anything to do with this?


Smoking pot causes weak erections, impotence, and hinders sperm and testosterone production. The THC from marijuana gets deposited in the arteries and blocks blood circulation to the penis. Needless to say, quitting will help improve your situation.

Here are other possible factors that led to your premature ejaculation problem:

1. Over-masturbating to the point of developing high levels of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) receptors in your prostate. The hormone receptors have trapped too much testosterone and DHT, causing prostate inflammation.

2. The fat-burning supplements you’re taking produce too much testosterone and are overheating your prostate, resulting in hyper activation of your prostate's ejaculation control nerve (sympathetic nerves).

Stop taking your current supplements and start taking the Rejuvenation Herbal Treatments For Weak Ejaculation Valve to reduce the binding of testosterone and DHT to the prostate's hormone receptors.

Also, reduce your intake of red meat and dairy products. Eat a lot of fresh vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts and soy products to help cool and shrink your prostate and reduce the binding of testosterone and DHT within the prostate tissue. Follow these tips and get back to us – we’re confident you’ll get a handle on your problem!

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