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When Excess Masturbation Leaves You Young and Impotent

Youth impotence is a terrifying phrase for any young man, but how does it happen? Hear one young guy's tale of sex gone soft, and learn how excess masturbation can play a fateful role.

Case #: 678


I've probably overdone it a bit with masturbation. I broke up with my girlfriend about three months ago. We had been together since graduating high school at 18 years old. That was 3 years ago and since then I've watched a lot of porn and masturbated about two or three times a day. Now I have trouble getting it up and keeping an erection. I don't really feel like dating right now, but I also don't want to have impotence problems. Can you recommend anything that will restore my erections like they were?


It sounds like chronic masturbation is definitely a key ingredient in your youth impotence, but it also sounds like your problem goes much deeper than sexual desire. There's a classic song that laments, “Breaking up is hard to do.” A breakup is a painful experience that not only takes a toll on your sex drive, but can leave you feeling lonely, frustrated and inadequate.

Narrative about the pain of breaking up

We've all been there. We lie awake analyzing the finer points of who said what, what should have been done differently, and worst of all, whether the breakup was our own fault. “She was too good for me;” “I shouldn't have been so clingy”; “I’m going to be lonely for the rest of my life.”

In times of emotional distress, we tend to become our own worst enemy, and that self-loathing can manifest itself in some pretty horrible ways. We resort to impulsive behaviors like chronic masturbation, because, hey, not only does it feel good on the body, but it eases the mind. For just a short time, it numbs the pain. This is a dangerous road to venture down.

Youth Impotence – Much Worse Than a Breakup

Sexual activity involves so much more than just blood rushing to the penis and semen traveling along the urethra. Sex and masturbation require help from a wide array of important neurochemicals: testosterone, estrogen, nitric oxide, dopamine and serotonin, just to name a few. These chemicals though, are limited.

As you deplete the reserves with constant, relentless masturbation, it becomes more and more difficult to become aroused, achieve a strong erection, release semen and experience the bliss of orgasm.

You need to step away from the masturbation parade and allow your body time to heal itself, and to replenish its supply of neurochemicals. We've all been through painful breakups, and they hurt like hell, but don't allow yourself to spiral into sexual addiction as a result. Exercise some restraint, take care of your body, and most importantly, love yourself (in a non-sexual manner, of course).

When Cold Showers Just Aren't Enough

If you need an extra boost in overcoming your youth impotence symptoms, I would advise you to try a tincture formula containing Cistanche, Cnidium, Cuscuta and Lycium—all of which promote improved sexual potency (SEE: herbal tincture for youth impotence & poor erection)

A tincture is an extraction of active plant compounds that use alcohol as solvent. The active ingredients are extracted by the alcohol for maximum effectiveness, so you start to notice the results quickly.

And remember, women come and go, but you only get one penis, so treat it well.

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