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Poop-Chute Paranoia – Anal Enemas

A sexually active man wants to try anal with a willing woman but is a little apprehensive about it since he’s heard some negative feedback from a friend. Let’s see if we can steer him in the right direction.
Case #:1945

I have to tell you that I’ve been wanting to try anal sex with this freaky chick that I’ve been seeing. The thing is a buddy of mine who already slept with her said that when he nailed her in the bootie, afterward he pulled out and saw some crap on his member.
I’m kind of scared of pumper her butt and then the same thing happens to me. Any way I can prevent this from happening?

“So do you want to try it again?” Mark asked his sex partner Susie.
Susie sighed, looking apprehensive. “I don’t think so; that last time was…kind of gross. Don’t you think so?”
“Yeah, I did end up with a dirty piece of pipe. You’re right that was kind of weird.” After some contemplation, Mark added: “Maybe I’ll do some research. There has got to be a way of doing anal in a cleaner way.”
“Okay, but until then my bootie is staying off-limits.”
Mark followed up on his proposal and did the research. He found a device called an anal enema, and after Susie purchased one such device she used it on herself before their next sex session. They had some serious fun doing anal sex after regular sex and Mark didn’t end up with a dirty member afterward.
A Simple Lack of Knowledge

That’s right, many sex partners try anal for the first time not really knowing what they’re doing, with little or no knowledge of cleanliness practices associated with anal sex. Doing the big A is already a little dodgy and strange to a lot of people, engendering feelings of fear and apprehension, especially for females who are scared of the pain factor.
Men can also be a little dubious about the whole affair, since many have heard horror stories of pulling out only to find a brown mound on their junk. Not only is that unsightly and frankly gross, but it can also be unsanitary at the least, and dangerous at most. That’s because fecal matter can cause infections to both parties. It can also be a big turn-off; witnessing poop all over the place instead of a nice clean anal sex session such as one might see in porn videos. Porn actors make it look so easy. How can you also make it not only easy, but sanitary as well?

Similar, at least in function, to a douche, anal enemas can provide a thorough cleaning solution to any couple seeking to have poop-free anal sex. (TRY: Enemas for A Clean Rectum) How enemas differ from douches is that they feature a large bag filled with water as well as wider nozzles which are attached to longer hoses, for deeper, more comprehensive cleaning.
When activated, enemas shoot a jet of water into the anus, breaking up poo-poo that is lodged within the anal cavity and flushing it out, even in those hard to reach areas. This isn’t just good to do before anal sex, but can be a regular cleanliness practice which prevents the back-up of crap, and can result less of a chance of a person becoming compacted (especially older folks).
What Are You Waiting For?

So before you take the big dive into the ‘ol poop-chute, have your anal enema standing by and ready for some deep-cleaning action, and have nice, safe, clean, anal fun!

What to do

Enemas: A Solution for a Dirty Booty

The number one co

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