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When Your Penis Has a Boo-boo

Here we find a man who has been engaging in a little too much self-love and watching porn to help him ejaculate. Too much porn plus too much masturbation equals penile pain and a discomfort. How can he overcome this issue?

Case #: 923


How often should I be ejaculating? Should I abstain for cumming for a month or so until I get better? When I get hard, my erection points to the ceiling but I cannot keep it this hard unless I am looking at porn or masturbating and I have to keep myself very close to cumming. If I slow down my arousal, the erection instantly decreases.


Many people use porn as a way to facilitate masturbation sessions. It can take you to another world where you’re the star and you can fantasize about having sex with your favorite porn performer. Thinking about that sexy receptionist at work? Or how about that bank teller that was hinting that she is interested in you? Through masturbation you can imagine having various sexual exploits with different partners; your own little fantasy island you could say.


Unfortunately, coming to rely on porn in order to get aroused can lead to an over-expression of the physicality of sex as opposed to real intimacy. Excessive masturbation involving watching porn can become a ritual which zaps the emotion out of the process and makes it feel as though you are engaging in some menial task such as washing the dishes or mowing the lawn. What this can result in is the objectification of people; mere vessels that facilitate your pleasure and are ultimately used in order to achieve an orgasm.

The more that you engage in chronic masturbation, the more detached you can become from the organic passion and intimacy that you would normally experience during normal sexual contact. By masturbating too much you can also cause the inflammation of your urethra, and when your penis is erect it is more vulnerable to trauma such as unnecessary roughness and rigorous hand movements.

So how are you to get back on track?

Getting Serious About Your Health

In order to engage your body’s natural healing process you should take a few weeks off from your excessive masturbatory schedule. After the third week gradually return to it by masturbating with less frequency, such as every other day (3 to 4 times a week).

Since you’ve depleted your parasympathetic energy through chronic masturbation, you should consider taking a botanical healing remedy. (TRY: Painful Ejaculation Relief Formula) They can rejuvenate your damaged penile tissue and alleviate inflammation and trauma that you’ve caused through your excessive masturbation. These powerful natural herbs can also increase your blood flow and circulation, boost your testosterone, and rejuvenate your depleted nitric oxide levels, leading to longer, firmer erections.

Take a journey back to optimal health, the natural way. Invest in yourself and get back to a pain-free life and normal sexual function. The only side-effect you’ll experience is a return to the sexual beast that you once were. The first step is you making the decision to start the healing process and finally free yourself from pain and discomfort.

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