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A Cold, Weak, and Ugly Penis

He suffers from weak, unsustainable erections and erectile pains. Excessive masturbation may be the culprit.

Case #: 29448


I used to believe that a weak, limp erection occurred to men twice my age. I was naïve. Now, I realize that weak erections can occur to men at any age—however healthy they may be. My weak erections make sex impossible. Right as I am about to engage in the act, I notice that I go limp. If I do manage to gain an erection, it does not last long. Aside from the weak, unsustainable erections, I constantly experience erectile pain. The pain gets so intense, it hurts to even gain an erection. Please, what have I done to my body?


Painful, weak erections tend to occur for one reason: injury. Penile pumps, rings, injections, and even excessive masturbation can all result in pain. The penis, made up of a series of tissue, nerve endings, and blood vessels, can suffer severe damage when mistreated. In your case, it appears the penis has suffered extensive damage thanks to your masturbation habits.

Masturbation is…Damaging?
Masturbation, when done in excess, can destroy your body. In preparations for sex, the body releases hormones and neurotransmitters. When you engage in the act too much, the body becomes overworked. Eventually, the body starts to malfunction, often reducing the hormones in the body to minimize the damaging effects. In your case, the weak erections can be a cause of low testosterone caused by years of abusive masturbation.

Men, especially older men, who masturbate habitually, tend to suffer from prostate inflammation. The low levels of testosterone, collated with high levels of the inflammatory hormone Prostaglandin E-2, which is released during sex, can inflame your body. Once inflammation sets in, you start to notice your erections weaken thanks to the hormone imbalance experienced.

Ouch, The Pain
The pain you experience during an erection is due to the scar tissue formed over the penis. Years of masturbation has led to a build up of scar tissue. Once scar tissue forms on the penis, the further strain of masturbation will cause pain. Scar tissue formation on the penile tissue will take months to heal too.

If you wish to see a reduction in pain, you must stop masturbating. Let your body heal, while taking all-natural supplements (TRY: penile pain & nerve rejuvenation remedy) to aid in the process of recovery.

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