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The Perils of Age: At 44, Husband and Wife are Frustrated with Weak Erections and Inability to Orgasm

She’s worried about her husband, who’s acting different than normal. It’s possible he’s going through a mid-life crisis or feeling the effects of sexual frustration, as she suggests. Their time in the bedroom is far from perfect lately – his erections are drooping and her orgasms are lacking. What’s left for these two middle-aged people to do?
Case #: 1914

I’m worried about my husband, who seems on the verge of a mid-life crisis. He’s 44 years old and, up until recently, has been as solid as rock. But now he’s behaving strangely, trying to grow his hair long and looking to purchase a motorcycle. I think part of the problem is sexual frustration. Neither of us has the body we had when younger, and I rarely reach orgasm during sex. He’s also experienced some erection problems lately, not getting as hard as he used to. Can you suggest something that might help?

Nobody wants to get old. Life isn’t a race to the finish line, yet aging is something each of us faces. Some handle it better than others and accept fate for what it is. Others try to turn back the hands of time with every weapon in their arsenal – cosmetic surgery, fad diets, anti-wrinkle cream, and sexy clothing.
As long as none of this hurts another person, it isn’t necessarily wrong. But because you’re worried about your husband, he should at least explain to you how he feels. You, too, need to verbalize your concerns. Let him know you’ve noticed his different behaviors and are willing to try new things in the bedroom. This will pave the way for you to talk about much a more exciting topic: sex.
The Issue of Male Health

Here’s something you might want to know before you broach a sexual conversation with your husband: more than 10 percent of men in their 40s have problems with erections, according to the Massachusetts Male Aging Study. The biggest culprit is weight gain. That’s right, as age goes up, metabolism goes down. This interferes with cardiovascular health, which in turn interferes with blood flow to the penis.
If your husband is showing the effects of middle-aged spread, encourage him to exercise. Most professionals recommend 30 minutes a day, five or six times a week. If the two of you can workout together, you’ll benefit from an added bonus: couples who see each other become physical active and sweat often have incredible sex. Exercise naturally releases endorphins, and watching your loved one get a little dirty can be a big turn on.
Women in Their 40s

Right now, you’re considered to be in the prime of your sexuality. So is your husband. Sex in your 40s tends to be more liberating than in younger years, often because you stop worrying that everything needs to be perfect. You also care less about sex in crazy places like the car, movie theater or dressing room and are more content with ruffling the sheets a bit with easy, deeply satisfying lovemaking.
Now, you need to find a way to capitalize on your sexual desires. Keep in mind women in their 40s begin to see changes to their vaginas. Your labia (lips) might sag a bit, and your vaginal walls might be slightly more brittle as your natural lubrication decreases. Speaking of lubrication, it’s a crucial component of sex, and without it, you might not be able to orgasm as easily. Feel free at this time to use over-the-counter lubricants that will combat the effects of dryness.
A Device to Make You Smile

Now that you’re armed with the information necessary to understand sex at this stage of your life, you can have that talk with your husband. We also want to make a suggestion, because knowing isn’t doing. Purchase a dual cock ring and experience endless pleasure for both of you. (TRY: Dual Cock Rings for Dual Pleasure) Yes, we said dual cock ring, a device that will have both of you writhing in ecstasy.
Here’s how it works: your husband slides the ring onto his penis to hold the blood there. This creates harder erections that last longer. The dual cock ring also features a vibrator to send sensual waves down hour husband’s penis. It provides you with stimulation, too, directly on your clitoris where you need it most. You’ll come with the intensity of a young woman, and your husband’s frustration will be relieved as he, too, finds and enjoys a new way to make love.

What to do

Dual Cock Rings Guide - Double The Pleasure, Double The Stimulation

Randy and Jen were entering their late 40s.

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