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Choppy Seas – Hair Loss and Early Ejaculation Caused by Excessive Masturbation

In this case study, we’ll be checking in with a young man who should be in his sexual prime, but due to his chronic masturbation habits, has burned out his body’s resources and is now suffering from some ill-effects. How can he get some help?

Case #: 718


Hello I am a 20 yr. old boy. I have been masturbating since the age of 14 almost twice daily now. I am suffering from early ejaculations while having sex, lower back pain & my hair falling out. Could you please suggest to me the ways to overcome this practice & to gain better & longer standing. Should I take anything? Please reply. Thank you.


Americans, as well as people from many other countries, are fascinated by pirates. It’s a very romantic and some might say; nostalgic look into a murky past fraught with danger, adventure, and sometimes even discovery.

Ahoy Mateys!
Think about it for a minute; imagine yourself as a grizzled pirate captain aboard a sailing ship, your grimy crew manning their stations, and the sides of your ship bristling with cannons. The boost of adrenaline at sighting another ship that seems ripe for plunder; setting a course straight toward her, and after subduing her with your powerful cannons, dropping your planks and charging across.

Feeling the ultimate thrill of taking over the other ship after a glorious hand-to-hand battle; and afterwards, sailing off into the sea in search of a new conquest. But what if you don’t find any that far out at sea, and your rations start to run low? Your crew will start to grumble about being dissatisfied, which may even lead to (gasp!) a full scale mutiny!

Think of your body’s resources, with regards to sex and masturbation, as finite. They are your crew, and limited in number. After sailing at sea for too long, i.e. engaging in too much masturbation without proper breaks in-between, you have exhausted your crew after burning through your ship’s resources.

Your excessive masturbation habits have caused an imbalance in your body chemistry and hormonal levels, including severely depleting your body’s serotonin and dopamine levels. Since your body is incapable of filling these chemical resources back up, you are suffering from hair loss, poor ejaculation control (early ejaculations), and perhaps loss of sleep as well. So how do we get you back on track?

Pull Her in to Port

You can start by sailing your ship back to the coast and docking her at the nearest port. Rest your body for a few weeks and completely abstain from sex and masturbation. With this first step, you will begin your body’s natural healing process, and let it start to replenish its neurochemicals and sex hormones.

But that’s not all you can do. You might consider taking natural healing herbs [TRY: natural remedy for extremely severe hair loss], which can help resupply your ship faster and with better quality rations. These highly effective formulas will help to boost crucial chemicals within your body used for sex and pleasure; such as serotonin, acetylcholine, and dopamine.

This will enable you to better control your orgasms, and will also alleviate your excessive build-up of DHT, which will halt your hair loss. Soon, you’ll see all of your symptoms start to fade away. Before you know it, you and your fresh crew will be departing the port, and you’ll be back to your old swash-buckling ways.

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