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Repair The Damage Caused by Penis Pumps

His erections remain weak and unsustainable due to erection problems.

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I am a 36-year old male who for years has wanted a larger penis size. I wanted to have that huge, thick penis that my wife could stare at and adore. I wanted to please my wife by using my newfound size. So I bought a penis pump online. I followed the directions as instructed, and I saw as my penis was inflated. I noticed my penis grew into a behemoth. I watched as my wife enjoyed the best sex of our lives. Then I witnessed how my penis went back to its original size. I saw how my wife was filled with disappointed by the false enlargement. I experienced how my penis remained flaccid and bruised for weeks. Now, I see the destruction penis pumps have caused. What can be done to help me?


You’re not alone. Hundreds of men are duped by the surmised promises penile pump companies offer. Thousands more do research on penile pumps, and millions more purchase the overpriced devices and got injuries as return. For penile companies, the market continues to grow. For you, the only thing growing is your frustration. You can repair your damaged vessels and bruised tissue, but it will take plenty of time to do so.
Case Study Highlights

Summary: 36 yr man brought & used a pump to impress his wife. Instead of admiration, the injury from pump left him pain & very soft penis.

Your Solution: Penile Injury & Nerve Rejuvenation Solution For Chafing & Bruises

Helpful Guide: Penis Enlargement Guide & Technique Overview

How It Starts
Most pumps work in the typical fashion. You place your penis inside the pump. You use the lever to pump air into the tube chamber, and you watch as your penis grows in size. The size is temporary, but the damage can be permanent. Think of the penis as any other muscle or joint in the body.
Excessive wear and tear will lead to permanent damage. The damage can be permanent thanks to the ruptured vessels and bruised tissue you can experience. Once the vessels rupture, blood can no longer pump into the penile chambers for an erection, while the bruised tissue generates little simulation or sensation for you.
Fixing Your Problem
Healing a bruised penis takes months of rehab. The tissues need to heal. The blood vessels must be repaired, and the body requires the necessary nutrients for healing to begin. The first step in recovering from an injury is avoiding all types of sexual activity. No masturbation. No pornography.
No intercourse. The goal is to refrain from gaining an erection in order to allow the body to do its job: healing. Next, return, break, smash, or throw away your penis pump. That wretched device resulted in your present state of affairs. Get rid of it! Next, you need to take all-natural recoery formula.
The body can only do so much by itself. Sometimes, the added boost of nutrients found in supplements can lessen the recovery time. Recovery herbal formula can also lessen swelling and bruising.

What to do

Penile Injury & Nerve Rejuvenation Solution For Chafing & Bruises

If you suffered from an injury to your penis caused by a penis stretching device, penile exercise equipment or a penis pump, this solution can help heal the tissue and blood vessels.

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