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He Can’t Perform with His Girlfriend Because He’s Addicted to Pornography and Masturbation

He is a self-proclaimed fan of masturbation. Although certainly not a recluse, he indulges after work by watching porn. Now, however, his frantic sessions prohibit his ability to have intercourse with his girlfriend. The solution is an herbal remedy designed to enhance sex drive and correct erectile dysfunction.

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Some men love sports; others, beer. I love porn – and masturbation. I’m not some creeper who lives in some dingy man cave. I don’t sit at home all day masturbating the night away. No, no, no, I’m an everyday man who works a regular 9 to 5. Hell, I even have a girlfriend, like a real, touch-her-she’s alive girlfriend. It’s when I get OFF work that I turn into a crazed sex fiend. And now, I fear my wild sex-craved masturbation sessions have ruined my sex life. See, now I cannot get it up as before. It takes a LOT of stimulation. But when I watch porn, I get it up just fine. What the hell have I done to myself?


Masturbation is an ever-controversial topic. Some say its health benefits far exceed any damage it might cause, while others say its potential for harm is too great to ignore. The reality probably lies somewhere in the middle of these two stances; masturbation is a great way to relieve stress and sexual tension, but engaging excessively can cause health problems. The primary concerns are what masturbation can do to your emotional and physical states, both of which also apply to you.

Masturbation and Sexual Exhaustion

Masturbating to porn can cause three essential problems that wreak havoc on your sex life. The first is depletion as a result of over masturbation, which is described as engaging more than three times a week. If you’re depleted, you’re simply too exhausted to engage in sexual intercourse with your girlfriend.

Although masturbation – and sex – feels good, you must remember that it strains the body. This is why many men need to rest after ejaculating. Similarly, over-masturbation taxes crucial body functions, including those of the liver and nervous system. Exhausting the body makes it harder to maintain an erection, and it can even hurt the quality of your hard-on. When you can get it up, you might find that your recovery time between each erection is longer than it should be for your age.

Bored in Bed

Masturbation is sometimes an addiction that leaves you unable to become mentally aroused for intercourse. Most men believe their sexual desire is based on what they see – they want to have sex with women they find attractive. But real desire for both sexes starts in two essential parts of the brain, one of which controls emotion and motivation.

The implication is this: you probably are more motivated to have solo sex than that with your partner because you’ve acquired new sexual tastes. Your motivation for sex has changed because you’re used to watching pornography. Whereas you may have previously wanted sex for both the pleasure and intimate connection it gave with your partner, now you engage in masturbation merely for the payoff at the end. This can diminish the attraction you once felt to your girlfriend, hence the reason why you can’t get an erection, and increase your attraction to porn.

Instant Gratification

Instant gratification also plays into your situation. With sexual intercourse, more work is involved because you have to meet the needs of your partner while also pleasing yourself. But masturbating brings instant gratification without the need to court.

That’s why solo sex is a quick and easy way to reach climax. It is, however intended only for occasional pleasure; masturbation otherwise interferes with normal and healthy sexual responses.

Learn to Again Enjoy Intercourse

To change the way you think about sex, you first need to stop watching porn. As previously explained, it’s become an addiction and is interfering with your routine activities. Break the cycle and engage in sex only with your girlfriend.

Speaking of intercourse, an herbal formula will stop your erectile dysfunction and enable you to again enjoy the intimacy of couples’ sex. Herbs have been used by various cultures throughout history to correct a number of sexual problems. Those that are specific to this formula include Horny Goat Weed and Cnidium (FORMULATED: botanical solution for ED), both of which will improve blood flow to your penis, increase testosterone levels and enhance sex drive. With this formula, your need for porn will be nothing more than a memory.

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