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Problems With Prostate Medications & Bad Habits

A male who masturbates daily and takes prostate medication suffers from several sexual dysfunctions.

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Lately, I have been experiencing some problems with my penis. I have decreased sensitivity, poor erection quality, no morning erections, small amounts of ejaculation and occasional pain in my testicles. I think about sex often, but even if I am aroused, I do not get an erection. I had been taking prostate medication for five to six years while masturbating daily. And I had hoped that the medications would improve my erectile strength—it hasn’t. So far, I haven’t seen any improvements. What can I do?


I think the main cause of your problems is your long term use of prostate medication, along with excessive masturbation. During my research, I have found that prostate medication intended to make your prostate healthy can instead reduce sexual function. The medication, combined with your excessive masturbation, leads to exhaustion.

Prostate Medication Risks

I am aware that many men suffer from prostate problems. Numerous medications treat prostate problems and many do help--if taken properly. Some prostate medication, however, destroys the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, making long term use dangerous. Without this enzyme, your body cannot convert testosterone to DHT, a hormone that controls the growth of your penis. Without DHT, your penis will appear smaller, and the skin around your penis and testicles will feel rougher and less elasticity. And with rough skin, your sensitivity will decrease.

Excessive Masturbation

Another thing I want you to consider is how often you masturbate. You said that you usually masturbate every day, an excessive amount. Excessive masturbation has its own risks and can cause a number of sexual dysfunctions. I have found that many men who masturbate more than two or three times a week may suffer from the same problems as you do. Your body releases hormones every time you become aroused. If your body continues in a state of arousal, your hormone levels remain high. This results in sexual exhaustion.

The most common symptoms include:

  • Weak erections
  • Testicular pain
  • Painful ejaculations

You mentioned that you experience all of these symptoms, a sign that you need to stop masturbating so much.

What You Can Do

Not taking the prostate medication can prove helpful. Once you do this, your liver enzymes should increase, allowing for the proper conversion of hormones, restoration in penis size and improvement to sensitivity. Next, not masturbating for a few weeks while taking an herbal supplement can help recover from exhaustion and restore sensitivity.

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