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Down for the Count – A Tale Premature Ejaculation in Aging Men

His sex life was fantastic, but at 52, he just wasn't able to last as long as he used to. Could masturbation be to blame? Learn the facts, and get the solution.

Case #: 635


My wife and I love sex. Our love for each other has brought eight kids into this world. Now as 52-year-old male, I still love sex. Since my wife is 15 years my junior, her sex life remains as high and active as my own. The only problem: I cannot last long in bed. Over the years, I’ve noticed my endurance levels drop. Now, I fear my years of long, satisfying sex are over. Could my age or years of excessive masturbation be a factor?


It's great to hear that you and your wife still have such intense sexual fondness for one another. A lot of married couples sadly lose interest in one another within weeks of the honeymoon. But how can you keep your own extended honeymoon going if your penis is throwing in the towel 10 minutes into the game?

You shouldn't have to let age stand in the way of a rewarding, mind-blowing sex life with the person you love, but I fear that this issue may run a bit deeper than age alone.

Masturbation + Sex = Orgasm Overload

You alluded to “years of excessive masturbation,” and this may provide a serious clue as to what we're dealing with here. If you have an active sex life, your reproductive system is dealing with more than its fair share of wear and tear (sorry to get all Dr. Seuss on you). If you add compulsive masturbation to that equation, it's like trying to drive cross country in a golf're going to break down somewhere around Albuquerque.

The fact is that your reproductive system can take a lot, but it isn't infallible. It requires a healthy dose of chemicals and hormones in order to aid in the necessary sexual functions, and in addition, it requires a healthy prostate to maintain a healthy flow of semen. As you get older, your prostate is already at risk of enlargement, and years of excessive masturbation can prematurely enlarge this important gland, and even cause it to become inflamed.

When you treat your penis like a 24-hour semen production factory, your body overproduces a stress hormone known as DHT, which contributes to a condition known as Prostatis. This condition is characterized by swelling and inflammation, and it can create all manner of ejaculatory issues, including premature ejaculation and penis leakage.

Getting the Factory to Run More Efficiently

Even at the ripe old age of 52 (hardly old by today's standards), you can still reverse the effects of Prostatitis and restore your healthy sexual function. For starters, cut out the masturbation. If your young wife is keeping you happy in the bedroom, save the best for her. Second, you might consider a botanical remedy that contains herbs to promote prostate health. These herbs include Ophiopogon, Pygeum and Quercetin and Saw Palmetto. [SEE MORE: Exhaustion Recovery For Your Prostate]

So next time your wife is in the mood for a night of passion, you can show her once again why older is better.

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