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Is Smoking the Smoking Gun in This Case of Relationship Strife Due to His Weak Erections?

Her boyfriend won’t listen when she accuses smoking of being the root of his erection issues. He smokes tobacco products regularly, and can’t seem to maintain a very hard erection for the length of their sexual encounters. Is it due to his smoking, or is there some other reason?
Case #:2046

I’ve tried talking to my boyfriend about this a million times, but he doesn’t listen to me. Maybe he’ll notice when I get an answer from you. He smokes often, cigarettes and “rollies”, and I think it’s affecting his erections. He gets hard, but never incredibly so, and it definitely comes and goes throughout sex. I’ve asked him to cut down on the tobacco, but he doesn’t think it’s an issue. Can you weigh in?

You, my dear, are right on the money with this one. It seems an act of denial for your boyfriend to disagree. Smoking has been proven to cause a decrease in erectile ability, and an increase in erectile dysfunction. There are plenty of reasons why this occurs, and I’ll lay them out for you that you might better convince your other half.
No Blood, No Boner

The main reason smoking causes issues with erection is due to the way is causes a compression of the veins and arteries of the body. Hear that, buddy? Compression is not a word you want when you’re trying to achieve erection. The more blood flow, the better, and when blood vessels are cramped, your penis just isn’t going to get as hard as it might under better circumstances.
In and Out

It also tends to interfere with the ability of the penis to hold blood internally. As the main veins are not fully functioning, the blood levels tend to fluctuate quite a lot—leaving you wanting more, and him struggling to stay afloat. It could even cause him to begin to experience issues with premature ejaculation. Eek!
Nicotine Dreams

In an interesting several studies, nicotine has been proven to have a positive effect on the levels of sex hormone binding globulin and testosterone in the body—but don’t give up your case yet! If your boyfriend is smoking anything besides pure tobacco that point is moot. Marijuana has an extremely detrimental effect on testosterone production, and if your boyfriend is smoking tobacco and weed, there’s really no question as to why you two are suffering such ups and downs.
Love Him or Leave Him

Now, if your boyfriend still refuses to quit, there’s little you can do—besides leave. You can’t change a man; you can only try to change his opinions. However, there is one herb that’s proven to improve circulation throughout the body, and act as a holistic tonic for every body system. Known as Schisendra Chinensis, this amazing fruit has been extensively studied, and the results are quite astounding. (TRY: Schisandra for Healthier Erections)
Dose Him Up

It has been shown to prevent issues resulting from the stress of certain factors, of which smoking is one, and can be used to treat such vascular issues as atherosclerosis—what your boyfriend will likely eventually have. If he really won’t stop, pop him on a supplement of Schisandra and then see how your sex life is doing. I guarantee it will be better than it ever was before.

What to do

Schisandra for a Healthier Erection

A weak Willie is a sad Willie.

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