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Too Much Pain for Too Little Gain: His First Time Wearing a Cock Ring Ended in Pain, Bruising and Swelling

To amp up their sexual activities, he and his girlfriend purchased a sex swing and cock ring. All was going perfectly well until he began to feel intense discomfort in his penis. He realized he’d had it on for more than an hour and now cannot have sex. His penis is bruised and swollen, and he’s feeling nearly overcome with worry.
Case #: 2052

When my girlfriend said she wanted to spice up our sex life, I immediately agreed. She bought some sex toys, including a cock ring for me and a swing for us to share. We were both really excited the night we tried them, so the sex was amazing. I should say the sex was amazing until we stayed on the swing for more than an hour. She was on top, riding me, while I had on the cock ring. She kept coming over and over, and it was a huge turn on. The problem is I was wearing what amounted to a rubber band near the head of my penis, and it began to throb. By the time I realized the problem, she had to disentangle herself from me, and we both had to get off the swing. Now my penis is swollen and bruised. I can’t have sex, and I’m afraid I caused permanent damage.

A cock ring is a device to maintain longer erections. Males who can’t sustain their hard-ons or who suffer from premature ejaculation often use cock rings so they can enjoy more satisfying sex. But these toys aren’t exclusively for those with problems – any man who wants to add some zing to the bedroom can slip one on and go the distance for his partner.
Cock rings, however, are not exempt from problems. Any foreign device placed on your body must be used with caution. Most healthcare professionals recommend a cock ring be worn for 20 minutes, 30 at the most. Anything longer than the recommended time puts you in danger of severely damaging your penis.
Strangulation Isn’t Just for the Neck

A term you won’t hear very often with reference to the penis is strangulation. But it is a real condition, and risk is increased for men who wear cock rings for extended periods of time. To strangle the penis is to squeeze it so tightly that fresh blood cannot flow through it. This doesn’t sound too terrible, but it has dire consequences on internal tissues.
To start, vascular structures like the dorsal veins and circumflex veins enlarge to produce swelling. Keep in mind these structure are full of blood during an erection. Squeezing them causes blood to press against and damage vein walls. Sometimes the penis’s vascular structures rupture and, in turn, force the urethra to rupture. The effects can be decreased blood flow to the penis and/or urine leakage in the bladder that leads to infection.
Another effect of penis strangulation is gangrene, in which a prolonged blockage of blood to the penis causes tissues to die. In 2008, The Scientific World Journal published a case study on a 58-year old patient who had used a cock ring. He wore it for an extended period, by the time he presented to the emergency room, the head of his penis had turned black.
Mechanical Problems

So we’ve covered the horrors of penis strangulation. Now we’re on to the mechanical damage a penis ring can cause. We’ll keep this brief, because your head is probably reeling. Penis damage can lead to erectile dysfunction. Moderate cases of strangulation are easily treated with rest, but extreme cases that lead to gangrene can result in a partial penectomy. This is a surgery to remove part of the penis.
Proper Use of Cock Rings

The reading you’ve just finished is a little heavy-handed, but cock rings must be used with care. Remember they can improve sexual stamina and even ignite bedroom excitement, if you remain diligent. Apply the cock ring only when fully erect – doing so with a half erection will all but guarantee you can’t remove the ring. Wear with lube to prevent skin abrasions, and leave on for a total of 20 minutes. This will ensure a safe but seductive roll in the hay.
The Recovery Formula

You can heal damaged penile tissues with an herbal lotion that seeps deep into the subcutaneous layer of skin. (SEE: Penile Tissue Repair & Recovery Herbal Lotion) If you’re wondering why you should opt for herbs over antibiotics, know that herbs can repair bruising and improve your erection quality once healed. They don’t work on the immediate symptoms and then leave the body – they continue soothing from inside to prevent scar tissue buildup and invigorate damaged nerves.
Some of the most beneficial herbs for penis damage are Aloe, Ginkgo and Wild Yam. Individually, they each present a series of healing properties. When combined, those properties become more potent to ensure your penis remains in healthy working order.

What to do

Herbal Lotion For Penile Tissue Recovery & Enhancement

Penile injuries remain one of the most common sex-related problems a man can experience. Penile injuries, known as fractures by urologist, can prevent the corpora cavernosa from holding blood.

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