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I Avoided Sex Because I Thought I Would be Ridiculed. Now I Have Ballooning My Penis From 3" to 5.5"

magine having a small penis... well, maybe you don't have to imagine. If you're tired of living it, learn what you can do to increase your size naturally.
Case #:1447

Hello, I have been using the ballooning method and it has given me some great results. I used to have a very small penis, 3 inches actually. I avoided sex because I thought I would be ridiculed. Luckily, ballooning got my penis from 3 inches to 5.5 inches! This is great but I still want more growth and a harder erection. I may have a bigger penis but I am not where I want to be. I want to be a shower and a grower at the same time, because that will help my sex life. I just turned 25 and I am ready to start my sex life. Please help me.

The desire for penis enlargement plagues a lot of guys, but when you're dangling three inches between your legs, it's understandable that you would be a bit camera shy in the bedroom. The ballooning technique definitely works wonders by stretching the penile chambers, but as you've already learned, it's not a cure-all. If you want to increase your length and girth beyond your penis's natural ability to stretch, you'll need to give nature a helping hand (and not the kind of helping hand you're thinking of).
Case Study Highlights

Summary: A 25-year-old man wants to learn the techniques other men have used to increase the size of their penises. If you want to improve your size and please your partner, find out what you can do for your size. For more help, leave me a message below for tips on diet, lifestyle choices and proper dosage.
Your Solution: Natural Penile Chamber Growth & Enlargement
Helpful Guide: Penis Enlargement Guide & Technique Overview
Why Stretching Isn't Everything

The problem with penile ballooning is that it doesn't actually add any mass to your shaft. It simply stretches and engorges the tissue that's already there. That's how it gets its name. You can expand a balloon to a certain point, but eventually it will pop under the pressure. Your penis isn't going to pop (probably), but it's still limited by the amount of tissue you actually have available. The solution? It's time to accelerate the growth of new tissue.
How to Achieve Real Growth

Let's talk about hormones. They made your life a living hell when you were in high school, and gave you painful erections at the most awkward moments. But those same hormones can be harnessed to improve your penis size. Hormones like HGH, PGE-1, and testosterone are instrumental to penile nerve and tissue development, and by naturally raising your hormone levels, you can take your results to the next level. You might not turn your tootsie roll into a king cobra, but you'll definitely pack on some noticeable size. The obvious question now is, “How do we actually raise those hormone levels?”
Ancient Herbal Secrets

Avena Sativa, Cistanche, Epimedium, Morinda Root and Schizandra. They sound like something you might find in Professor Snape's potions class, but there's nothing magical about these herbs. They're completely natural, and they work to stimulate penile growth by firing on all cylinders (don't worry, that's just a figure of speech; if your penis starts firing anything, visit your doctor right away).
Without getting overly technical, the formula works by boosting your levels of nitric oxide, HGH and testosterone, while also increasing the amount of blood that your penile chambers can hold. In addition, these herbs work to repair and strengthen your parasympathetic nervous system, which is essential for maximum size and rock hard erections. Try taking an herbal supplement containing this formula, and start dropping your drawers with pride (just don't do it in public). (TRY: Natural Penile Chamber Growth & Enlargement)

What to do

Natural Penile Chamber Growth & Enlargement

Stop worrying about the size of your penis and start taking Natural Penile Chamber Growth & Enlargement.

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