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CLEARING THE FOCUS – Consequences of Obsessive Masturbation

Let’s check out a slice of real life concerning a gentleman who used to masturbate compulsively and as a result, his vision has suffered. Can he get it back to normal? Anyone, including you, who have suffered from this problem, can find all the answers right here…so read on!

Case #: 558


I'm having serious problems with my vision. I use to masturbate a lot before, not so much now. I don't understand what's wrong with my eyes. The only thing I can think of was because of masturbating, because I notice right after I did my eyes would get blurry. It's getting worse even though I quit masturbating a long time ago. Is there any way I can get my regular vision back to the way it was?


Focusing on the Problem

Let’s be real: Masturbation for men is a wonderful thing. It’s a not only a way to experience pleasure without a sex partner around, but also stimulates our imaginations and allow us to live out our wildest fantasies, such as being with that perfect sex symbol in our minds, or relive a particularly explosive encounter with a past flame.

After the euphoric climax, it also allows men to relax and focus on the day’s tasks, or maybe just get a good night’s sleep. However, as a result of having a little too much fun with your penis within one day, you may be literally losing your focus, vision-wise.

Even though your mind is telling you that you’re doing something good for yourself, the reality of over-masturbation is that you’re abusing yourself. How so? Well, ejaculating several times a day over-stimulates your nervous system, and can adversely affect the principle light receptors in your eyes, the rods and cones. These are located within the inner layer of the eye; the retina. Excessive masturbation degrades your rods and cones’ ability to process optical signals before they pass them back to the brain. Unfortunately, this results in the appearance of small squiggly lines and shapes, called eye floaters, and in more severe cases, blurred vision. The solution? Give your penis a rest and focus on recovery.

Why Does it Feel Like a Pro Wrassler raked my eyes?

Don’t worry; blurred vision is a somewhat common problem for men who over-masturbate. It’s the result of your body crying out for rest, since excessive masturbation leads to sexual exhaustion, in turn causing your vision issues. Blurry or fuzzy vision and eye floater problems are usually due to the deficiencies of cGMP, nitric oxide, and acetylcholine in the rod visual light receptor/sensory nerves. This can also result in an imbalance of hormones which can trigger a chain reaction of negative events.

Ok, so sometimes it feels like Hulk Hogan jumped off of a corner turn buckle and raked your eyeballs to death, right? Well what you need to do is take a break from your rigorous masturbatory schedule in order to replenish some of those important neurochemical components within your body. We’re not talking decades here, just a few weeks, after which you can return to it with a more moderate frequency (2 or 3 times a week).

Along with proper rest and diet, the addition of taking natural healing botanical formulas (see Herbal Treatment For Blurred Vision) is one way of accelerating the restoration of your body’s depleted reserves getting you back on track. The result will be returning to a more natural masturbatory cycle, enabling you to see things more clearly, and bring the more important things in your life back into focus.

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