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Over Ejaculation Promotes Sexual Aging

Over ejaculation has lead to common symptoms of sexual exhaustion.

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I am depressed. I am fatigued, and I am in need of assistance. A few months ago, I began to experience pain in my testicles after each ejaculation. Each time I masturbated or reached an orgasm, the same nagging, stinging pain returned. It made sex displeasing. It made the pain unbearable. It made sex avoidable. I knew that after each ejaculation, the same pain would present itself. For months, I continued to feel the pain, even while standing, walking, or running.

The pain became so bad that I avoided kissing or hugging my girlfriend. She noticed that change, and she appeared slightly irritated. As the weeks went on, her frustrations grew. She wanted what every human did: a release of her sexual frustrations. Despite her needs, I avoided sex all that I could. Now, I fear my constant lack of sexual inhibitions will cause our break up. I too just want to enjoy sex as I once did. I want to feel like a man again!


From your information, it appears you suffer from a common problem some young men encounter: sexual exhaustion. Men, more than most women, tend to have a voracious sexual appetite. Men dream about sex. Men yearn for it. Men will even lie for it. It’s nothing to be ashamed of because the desire for sex is natural.

The problem occurs when you allow those urges to control your mind. Once you give into temptation often, you get into a habit of frequently masturbating or engaging in sex. Do it too often and you wind up in your current position: suffering in pain, avoiding sex, and upsetting your significant other.

Why You?
Well, sexual exhaustion is a simple cause-and-effect problem. You engaged in too many sexual activities and now your body requires a rest. When the body experiences damage or exhaustion, it inflames the muscles to prevent further use.

Your libido may not be a muscle, but the hormones and neurotransmitters that power your sex drive do become depleted resulting in inflammation of certain organs. In your case, your body's hormone levels have become depleted, resulting in testicular pain. When depleted, the body cannot produce necessary neurochemicals and hormones needed to power your sex drive.

The pain you feel in your testicles is a result of the over production of an inflammatory hormone called prostaglandin E-2, which is produced after each ejaculation. The more you ejaculate, the more prostaglandin E-2 the body will produce, further inflaming your prostate and testicles.

Minimize The Pain; Return to Sex
Any man in your position is to be afraid. His manhood is at stake. The lack of sexual desires because of pain will not only upset your partner, but also result in psychological damage to you. Before you can return to sex, you must believe that your body will recuperate. If you do not believe you can return to normal, you will have a much harder time making a full recovery.

Next, you will need to refrain from all sexual activity. The more you ejaculate, the more pain you will feel.

Finally, you will want to take all-natural supplements that reduce inflammation and provide necessary nutrients to the prostate. These products will ensure you make a full recovery to keep you—and your girlfriend—happy.

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