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Slow down, dangerous curve ahead! – The Peyronie’s Disease problem

Most curves on the road are dangerous and they cause us to slow down, but no curve affects guys as much as the one developed on the penis.

Case #: 380


I experience some moderate penile curvature. The curvature continues to hinder my ability to engage in sex. What’s wrong with me?


The administration of beta-blockers for high blood pressure affect men where it hurts the most--the male sex organ. Peyronie’s Disease, a condition classified by the curvature of the penis while erect, can cause pain and distortions. As the disease progresses, it can cause an erect penis to go flaccid.

How Dangerous Can Those Curves Be

Plaque formation around the penis leads to the curvature associated with Peyronie’s Disease. And common causes for plaque formation include injuries, defects, genetic make up, Vitamin E deficiencies and drugs like Beta-blocker. Because plaque leads to pain, it too can cause flexibility issues and problems during intercourse.


Beta-blockers constrict the penile arteries from the acquisition of proper hormones, lowering both testosterone and sex drive. When these constrictions occur, cells in the penis die and the bending occurs.

And while it’s common for most men to assume the curvature and death of penile tissues occur only to older males, young men too can experience curvature due to improper maintenance.

Building a Straight Road

Producing healthy penile cells and tissues eliminates Peyronie’s Disease. Men who take the Remedy for Penile Fibrotic Tissue Damage & Curvature may see an improvement of healthy penile cells and tissues. Thanks to the ingredient list, the herbal products work together to help eliminate the plaque build up inside the penis to improve the production of healthy cells and tissue.

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