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Penis Shrinkage - Caused by Weight Gain

ou are what you eat; your sex life is what you feed it. Believe it or not, diet, exercise and even lifestyle choices—smoking and drinking--determine how voracious you are in the bedroom. According to the World Health Organization, 1.4 billion adults were overweight in 2008, and because increases in body fat lowers testosterone, males will often experience decreases in libido—and a reduction in penile length.

Weight, Sex and Length

So how exactly does weight damage your sex drive—and ultimately your penile length? According to Jacob Rajfer MD from his published work on Reviews In Urology, high cholesterol and insulin resistance impact sexual performance and desires. More importantly, both conditions clog the arteries inside the penis, especially after fat deposits pile up. When enough fat deposits impede the flow of blood, males experience common signs of impotence or erectile dysfunction.[1]
According to CNN, " Excess weight -- especially excess belly fat -- can affect sexual function in many ways; it can interfere with the body's ability to supply blood to the penis, for instance, and it can cause testosterone production to plummet."

It has been a joke in the urology community that older men would thrill to know that their penis can be twice as long as they perceive. That’s because a majority of the penis hides inside the body. For overweight men, however, the added fat around the suprapubic fat pad, or the pubic area above the penis, can further hide the length of the penis.


QDoes Size Really Matter? 
A: According to the "Journal of Sexual Medicine," some women do report improvements in their abilities to reach an orgasm while being with well-endowed men.

Q: Why Does Weight Loss by Itself Not Help Increase Size?
A: "Spot reduction" refers to exercises and diets that target fat cells of one specific area. Unfortunately, fat is lost depending on genetics, and no exercise or diet will target the pubic fat.

Weight Loss Through Faster Metabolism

Weight loss may help a bit, but it may not significantly reduce the pubic fat of an ensconced penis. As a man continues to gain weight, he may store additional fat around the pubic area that exacerbates the shrinkage. A combination of both weight loss and herbal supplements may reduce the pubic fat while increasing the length of the penis. Herbal supplements may work to increase the length by:

  • Increasing HGH, dopamine, DHT, testosterone and acetylcholine 
  • Adding inches to current length and width
  • Improving the nitric oxide and intra-cavernosal pressure for a harder, fuller erection
If your weight gain continues to cause penis shrinkage, find a suitable diet to lose some additional fatty tissue. Remember, weight loss takes time. Diet pills and extreme weight loss programs beguile you into spending additional money. Maintaining a proper diet and exercise plan serve as the two key solutions for naturally reducing weight. Together with a weight loss plan and herbal supplements, you too can experience increases in penile length.  Weight gain serves as just one factor that determines the severity level of shrinkage. Age, hormonal depletion and even masturbation habits can all lead to penis shrinkage

^1 Jacob Rajfer, Relationship Between Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction, Rev Urol. 2000 Spring; 2(2): 122–128.

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