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A Stressed Mess – Blowing Your Wad Too Soon

A young manager is suffering from elevated stress levels and is now having problems controlling his ejaculations. Is there a link?
Case #:1980

I’m a young man in my early 20s and live a pretty stressful life. I have to manage an office full of women who are constantly gossiping and backstabbing each other so my stress level is through the roof!
I also eat too much fast food and party a little too much after work (happy hour). Now, I’m having problems holding back my orgasms when I have sex with my steady sex partner. She’s starting to get tired of it and might leave me. What can I do?

Ron smiled to himself as he walked toward the local farmer’s market. He was happy that he’d changed his life around since he used to have a number of rather bad habits. Only a couple of months prior, Ron was addicted to caffeine; he’d have coffee all day and even in the evening after work, and his diet consisted mainly of fast food. He’d also party a little too much and would occasionally abuse cocaine.
His girlfriend finally ditched him – not because of his habits but because he suddenly began to have problems holding back his orgasms. Three or four minutes into having sex, he would climax and leave her disappointed and angry.
Winds of Change

But these days things were different; Ron had kicked his bad habits. In the place of coffee he now would drink healthy teas, and instead of cocaine he took natural Chinese herbal mixtures. His premature ejaculation problems gradually became a thing of the past, and a healthy diet of whole foods took the place of fast foods.
Unhealthy Build-up

Some of life’s stressors can seem small individually, but they can add up and cause a man’s stress hormones to go into overdrive. When stress becomes a burden, men can suffer from weakened parasympathetic nerves. This in turn can damage the ejaculation valve and cause premature ejaculations.
Eliminating these stressors can enable a man to recover from this over-stressed state and eventually recover from premature ejaculation issues. So how exactly does one do this?
Taking Care of You

Herbal Remedies: All-natural herbal mixtures can replace your body’s essential chemicals, neurotransmitters, and hormones, more efficiently than anything else. (SEE: Natural Herbal Remedy for Stress & Performance Anxiety Relief) These powerful botanicals can heal your body from within and repair the physical harm caused by high levels of stress, strengthening not only your parasympathetic nerves but also your overall immune system.
Diet: This one is also high up on the list because a healthy diet is crucial to your overall health. Cheese burgers, pizza, and chicken nuggets, may taste good but they can also wreak havoc on your body since they contain all kinds of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), additives, sugars, bad fats, and preservatives. Switching to a diet consisting of whole foods such as lean, free-range meats, and organic vegetables can do your body good.
Social Factors: Going out and partying can be fun but it can also result in elevating your stress levels. Instead, spend some time with your pet, go for a nature walk, go on a vacation, and get some fresh air. The party scene is overrated and can even result in tickets, DUIs, and other legal problems.
Set Your Body Clock: Your body’s vital chemicals are replenished during rest periods, so getting a good night’s sleep is critical to not only regulating your body’s internal temperature, but also making sure that it has all of its essential nutrients and other reserves.
All of these factors can not only result in you having a stress-free lifestyle, but also repair your parasympathetic nerves, and therefore your ability to control your ejaculations. Nothing is more embarrassing than starting some hanky-panky, only to have it end a few minutes later, so take action now!

What to do

Ways to Eliminate Stress & Reduce Performance Anxiety

Stress causes early ejaculation and many erectile dysfunctions by overexciting the sympathetic nerves, produce unhealthy stress hormones, and weakening the parasympathetic nerves controlling the ejaculation valve. Exposure to a long-term stressful...

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