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His “Soft Waves” Are Washing Away

The hair of a long-time masturbator is going grey, and he seems to have less of it than he used to. We had been told that masturbation would make hair grow on your palms, but no one ever said anything about a link between it and losing hair from your head. What's going happening? Read on, get the facts, and find out what you can do if the situations strike too close to home.

Case #: 753


I seem to be getting some thinning and receding hairline, graying hair at an accelerated rate the past 6-12 months. My erections are not as hard as they used to be a few years ago. What can I do to fix these problems? Could it be because I would masturbate as a teenager every day? I am only 23. I can’t have this happening to me.


It seems to fly in the face of logic: why would masturbation cause thinning hair, or making what you have left go grey? Your penis is down there on the lower front of your pelvis and your head is all the way at the other end of your spine. How could masturbation possibly have any kind of health drawbacks at all, for that matter?

Awash With Pleasure, Washing Away Hair?

The simple fact of the matter is that masturbation is not “free”. Oh, you don't have to have a license or pay any fees to anyone, but there is a cost involved. The obvious price is in lost biological mass from your ejaculate, but there's more going on under the surface. Ejaculation involves a cascading series of biological processes that use up several vital compounds, puts wear and tear on a surprising number of internal organs and leaves small but measurable amounts of certain waste products behind. The vast majority of these “waste products” are substances like cortisol and hydrogen peroxide that you have in your bloodstream already, but too much of them can lead to problems.

Special Cleaning Action?

Dihydrotestosterone (“DHT”) is a “supercharged” form of testosterone that guys' bodies use to maintain their deeper voices and prevents stable resting ischemia (difficulty in getting sufficient blood supply to body tissues, especially your toes and eyes), among other things. However, too much of it will bind to head-hair follicles and the blood vessels that serve them, killing them off. A more subtle danger comes from the fact that DHT is made from testosterone, which your body uses for an even longer list of tasks like regulating blood pressure.

If you aren't increasing your testosterone production to meet the increased demand for DHT that excessive masturbation represents, then the other vital functions testosterone performs in your body (like maintaining muscle mass among many others) will go unserviced and your health will suffer.

Other problems arise due to deficiencies of iron, biotin and zinc, as these nutrients get used up very rapidly by the ejaculation process as well as the recovery afterward. Although these nutrients are important in all parts of your body, they are especially important to your liver, which is the main organ responsible for filtering things out of your bloodstream.

Mopping Up Your Insides

The first order of business is to reduce your sexual activities, either with or without a partner. The goal is to go completely without for at least three weeks, but you should make a point of reducing as much as possible.

Next, look into changing your diet to increase your intake of the nutrients you're missing. You should also look into exercising more as a way to naturally increase your testosterone. (SEE: Herbal Hair Regrowth Remedy) Discuss your situation with your health-care provider to get a trained and experienced opinion on your progress. And perhaps most importantly, you should consider using an herbal supplement specifically designed to address the root causes of your hair loss.

One very important aspect to bear in mind in your quest to restore your hairline is that stress definitely contributes to hair loss. Focus your attention on the fact that you are addressing the problem in a carefully-considered fashion. Also, remind yourself that your problem appeared over a span of time, so repairing it will take a certain amount of time, as well. Relax and give the process time to work, and the desired results will appear.

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