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The Dangers of Being a Sex-hibitionist

A well-endowed man worries his sexual desires could lead to reoccurring prostate infections.

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I am your atypical male. Most men say they love sex, but I depend on it. I need it to concentrate. I need it to function. If I do not engage in sex, I spend the following days looking for potential partners who will satisfy my needs. Sex is my drug; ejaculations my release. I am shameless. I will lie for sex. I will fabricate details of my life to create a semblance of the perfect partner. Myriad females have fallen prey to my lies. Now, I fear my lies will lead to reoccurring prostate infections.

Reading through the site, I noticed how too much sex can bring about prostate infections. As a 36-year old male with a voracious sexual appetite, I continue to engage in multiple sexual encounters. I have sex multiple times a day with multiple women. Are my suspicions true? Will too much sex lead to prostate infections?


Yes, too much sex can cause prostate problems. Maybe not an infection, but it can cause prostate inflammation that leads to weak erections, premature ejaculation and high PSA levels. How? Well, frequent ejaculations abrade the tissues and nerves of the prostate and urethral. Because semen contains alkaline liquid, the solution becomes corrosive to the tissues and nerves.

The Dangers of High PSA Levels
Prostate Specific Antigen - a measure of the prostate enlargement—tends to stay high for around 24-48 hours after an ejaculation. Men who engage in sex continuously will elevate their PSA levels to a point of inflammation.

At the moment of ejaculation, the body immunity, particularly in the prostate and urethra, becomes weaker. Men become susceptible to colds and bacterial infections because the body cannot fight of viruses due to the lack of nutrients exuded after each ejaculation.

In response to the amount of sex you engage in, the body inflames the prostate to slow the production of the white alkaline liquid semen use. Think of inflammation as a defense mechanism used by the body to prevent further damage.

During multiple ejaculations, the body tends to lose high levels of neurotransmitters and hormones, causing an imbalance. When the body remains in a state of imbalance for a prolonged period, you will be unable to engage in sex. Ejaculations will become uncontrollable. Your mood will become unstable. Your erections will also become unsustainable.

Preventing The Damage
The body needs a break. You’re lucky that your body has not suffered from the symptoms of sexual exhaustion/prostate enlargement, but continue your sex-capades, and you will surely start to see some symptoms.

As stated before, too much sex can cause inflammation. In your state, you need to control your urges and stop engaging in so much sex. Take a break. Relax. Concentrate on your job. Whatever you do, no sex. No masturbation. Not even porn. The break will allow the body to recuperate the necessary hormones and neurotransmitters lost during your multiple sex encounters.

Next, if you start to see signs of exhaustion, i.e., headaches, slow urine flow, weak ejaculation control, poor erection quality or impotence, you might be wise to try herbal tincture for your prostate problem. These products come loaded with nutrients that hormones and neurotransmitter use to help power your sex drive.

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