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Whacking it Dry – Over Masturbation and Penile Drought

Here we have a gentleman who has been jacking his ding-dong “aggressively” and now a couple of dry patches have showed up on it. What can he do to reverse this process?

Case #: 1668


Last week after getting out of the shower I noticed that I had two very dry patches of skin on my penis, one on the bottom of the penis and another one on the top. The patches are very dry and have flaky skin and become red sometimes. When my penis is flaccid they are more noticeable. I thought that this was caused by some really aggressive masturbation since I don't use any lube or lotion when masturbating. I hope my penis will be okay. Is there anything to rehydrate the dry spots? I will start using lube if I have to prevent this from happening again. It feels too weird.


Kevin had just got home from a hard day at work. His boss had been riding him all day and even yelled at him in front of other employees for his supposed incompetence. Now he was in his own world. He sprawled out on his bed and filled his mind with thoughts of the pretty new temp that worked right across from his cubicle and started stroking his wiener. She had been checking him out; hadn’t she? He just knew that she looked at him differently than the other workers, and had even said something to cheer him up after he’d absorbed one of the boss’s verbal beat-downs.

Never mind that the temp was married, no…that didn’t matter…he’d wait until everyone else in the office had left for the day and it was just the two of them…yeah that’s it…then he’d slide her skirt up from the back and over her rear, and then just slide in his – waitaminute – what’s that pain? Ouch! Kevin looked down and saw that as his little fantasy progressed; he’d rubbed his penis so harshly that a couple of the spots that had already been dry on his penis were now bleeding!


It doesn’t have to come to this; but for many men it can. Rigorous hand-movements can really put a whoopin’ on your penises epidermal later, which normally protects it from both diseases and infections. When this layer is worn through it can be like when the screen guard on your cell phone gets too worn, resulting in scratches. So how can you repair your dong?

The Real Deal

Since you are noticing your dry patches in the shower, make sure that:

  • You don’t scrub your penis too harshly
  • You are using a soft all-cotton washrag
  • You don’t use perfumed soaps and shampoos which may cause dryness

Taking an all-natural lubricating solution can also really help to help heal your dry spots. (SEE: Herbal Penile Creams for Dryness Relief and Comfort) These highly effective remedies can fully moisturize your penis, unlike many water and silicone based products on the market; which may only provide limited lubrication. They can also help to repair your damaged epidermal layer and nerve endings, while stimulating cell growth for an accelerated healing process. Added benefits include the dissolution of built-up scar tissue, the prevention of chaffing and friction while masturbating, and a whole new level of enhanced sensitivity for you and that prospective lucky woman that you have sex with (even if it isn’t that hot new temp).

So get back in there and make sure that it’s fully lubed – the all-natural wa

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