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Life In The Fast Lane Has Left A Mark

This guy lived dangerously: daily masturbation, prescription drugs and recreational marijuana, with booze and tobacco for variety, all over the course of at least 8 years. Now that he has quit all this, he has regained strong erections but also has considerable discomfort and varicose veins all over his external genitals. What's going on? Read on, get the facts, and find out what you can do if your “package” is showing similar lines.

Case #: 916


Until recently stopping, I was a 1 per day masturbator and was on the drug Escitalopram and smoked marijuana, drink alcohol and smoking cigs daily. I did this for about 8 years. During this time I [found it] very hard to reach orgasm. Now that I stopped, I reach orgasm just fine. I was [recently] diagnosed with [varicoceles] in the testicles and prostatitis. I also have what looks like varicose veins on the penis which are large. I orgasm just fine, but I am [worrying] about my future. I do frequently experience bad pains in my testicles and penis while not erect. What can I do about this? Help. I want those veins gone from my penis and the penis pain to stop. Sometimes if I don't masturbate for a week or longer the don't show as much and seem to [slowly] disappear. I am really worried about this.


Part of the point of being a teenager is to test the boundaries of society's limits. Sometimes, those limits need to be re-evaluated, like “Stay with your own kind! Don't date any of THOSE types!” or “Stay away from the old Smith mansion, it's haunted!” (Actually, the abandoned mansion is structurally unsound and could come crashing down on you, but that's not enough of a warning to keep those crazy daredevil teenagers away, is it?) And we've been hearing about the evils of all the “fun” stuff for centuries, to the point that it's become a bumper-sticker joke: “Everything I like is either illegal, immoral or fattening.”

I Treat My Body Like An Amusement Park

So why NOT go all the way and incorporate every vice you can grab into a lifestyle that's the envy of all your “too-straight” friends, especially when you can find stories about people living for a century or more while sucking down the booze and a cigar each day?

You Bought Your Tickets Already, But Pay The Real Price Afterward

Unfortunately, it isn't that simple. It takes a long time to starve to death, for example, and the process involves messing up your thinking so that it becomes difficult to associate the aches and pains you're experiencing with the fact that you haven't eaten anything in the last ten days or more. The negative side-effects of marijuana use also take a while to pile up enough for you to notice, making it tough for you to realize that marijuana is the cause of your high blood pressure (if you have no other significant risk factors for it), or your impotence.

Here's The Real Mess

Your body produces hundreds of different hormones in response to various demands. Smoking marijuana causes it to produce far too much of prostaglandin E-2. At normal levels, this stuff relaxes your muscles and expands your arteries (vasodilation), which is part of why marijuana makes you feel relaxed. Too much of it will make the tissues around your blood vessels swell up, constricting the flow of blood to such sensitive areas as your fingers and prevents the needed amounts of blood from getting into your corpus cavernosum and corpus spongiosum to create and sustain your erection.

It's bad enough when regular marijuana use causes this, but masturbating one or more times per day without replenishing the nutrients thus expended does the exact same thing, so you're getting double the prostaglandin E-2 increase... which inevitably reinforces each other.

The varicoceles (visible blood vessels) on your penis and scrotum are basically scar-tissue from constricted blood vessels. It's possible to remove it, but the surgery is expensive, time-consuming, and runs the risk of damaging your testicles in other ways.

Time For The Cleaning Crew

Any public building has a grounds keeping staff to keep it clean, but it's just easier to do that job when there public isn't making messes as fast as or faster than you can clean them. You need to give your body time to repair or replace the damaged bits before you can operate at your best. As you yourself have noticed, the varicose veins start disappearing when you aren't sexually active for at least seven days or, so you should see if you can go completely without for a full three weeks or more.

You can assist the process by drinking a healthy amount of clean, fresh water every day, to help flush the toxins out of your body. Your health-care provider will have some informed advice, as well as an expert opinion on your progress. And finally, you should consider using an all-natural herbal supplement designed specifically to assist your body in repairing the damage, (SEE: Marijuana Detoxification Remedy for Erection Recovery) as well boosting as the cleanup process itself.

Be advised that this will take time and sustained effort. You spent 8 years getting yourself into this condition, so it's not going to disappear overnight. But keep calm and keep going, there is still hope.

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