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Getting Older, Getting Softer?

A senior citizen complains of various health issues that add up to a disappointing bedroom experience. What’s happening? Is it just from growing older, or can he fix it? Read on, get the facts and find out!

Case #: 1805


I am 72 years-old man who recently developed moderate eye floaters in my right eye and mild to moderate tinnitus in both ears. I will have you know, I did smoke for about 45 years only to quit 12 years ago. For the last 10 years, erectile dysfunction has plagued me. Any advice on helping me improve my erection quality while minimizing my erectile dysfunction.


If you're ever smoked, you're familiar with the facts of how bad smoking can be for your health. You've also probably heard a similar song about how detrimental masturbation can be. As it happens, excessive sex with a partner can also lead to similar health problems; the 'hairy palms' thing is a long-debunked myth, but on a biological level there is no difference between masturbation and sex. Combining the two over an extended period of time will result in health problems that may well last the rest of your life if you don't treat them properly. Let's take a look at how sex works from the inside to see where the problems arise, and so you can get a better idea of how to repair them.

The Eyes Are Going

Although there are several possible causes for eye-floaters other than excessive ejaculation, but if you have already eliminated most of them you might consider your sexual activities as a contributing factor. You already know that sex requires a temporary imbalance of hormones, but what you may not realize is that such an imbalance, if left in place for too long, may lead to a bewildering variety of other health issues. Your eyes need compounds like nitric oxide, acetylcholine and cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) to help control certain neurological activity in the photoreceptors in your eyes; excess masturbation can reduce your body's production of the stuff.

The Sound Of Inflammation

A musician can tell you that the slightest physical distortion in the shape of an instrument can change the sound it produces. The same is true of your ears. You need a hormone called prostaglandin e-2 to keep your blood vessels dilated and your erection hard, but too much of it can cause the tissues around the vessels to swell and constrict them. Now consider all the delicate tissues in your ears, whose shape gives you the baseline for your hearing sensitivity. If the tissues swell and distort, the 'instrument' goes out of tune and produces unwanted noises, also known as tinnitus.

That Old Chestnut

You may also want to have your health-care provider examine your prostate gland. You may not notice any problems with urinary incontinence, but the prostate is also in an excellent position to constrict the blood vessels supplying your penis. If this is the case, your heart has to work even harder to force blood into your erectile tissues, and it just might not be up to the job.

The Old College Try

The first step to recover your erection strength is to go without ejaculating, preferably without getting any erections, for about three solid weeks, though reducing your ejaculation frequency to no more than once every three or four days will be enough to let the healing process start.

You should also consider adding more zinc and B-vitamins to your diet, as tissue-regeneration requires these things. Properly-prepared oysters, along with crab and lobster, are excellent sources of both (which is the real reason why they're considered 'aphrodisiacs': they help you recover from sex, rather than stimulate your desire for it). Lean red meats or toasted wheat germ can provide zinc. Leafy green vegetables, dairy products and eggs can give you most of your B-vitamins. Do your own research, experiment, and see what foods will suit your needs the best.

A moderate exercise program helps to boost your testosterone levels, which is also very important for tissue repair. Reducing abdominal fat and increasing your general stamina in addition can only improve your bedroom experience.

You should consider taking an all-natural herbal supplement, designed specifically to help shrink your prostate down to a more manageable size. (TRY: Traditional Chinese Medicine For Prostatitis)

Please keep your health-care provider informed about your symptoms, as well as the solutions you choose to deal with them. An expert's eye on your progress, and their opinion on dosages and other details, can shave weeks or even months off of your recovery time. Bear in mind, however, that the recovery process will take time, so be patient, follow the instructions and let it all proceed at its own pace. You will see the desired results in due time. Good luck!

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