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Empty Rocket – Problems Associated With Chronic Masturbation

A gentleman who has been playing with “Mr. Happy” too much is now feeling tired. He too experiences hair loss. How can he eliminate these issues?

Case #: 828


I have been experiencing symptoms of sexual exhaustion--lower back pain, chronic fatigue and hair loss. I know over masturbation has been the cause of these problems. Can you please tell me if my assumptions are correct? My problems are becoming worse, and my hair is making me bald. I don’t want to be bald, and an online forum is the only way I can get help in Pakistan.


My grandfather lived in a rural area when I was young. Whenever I visited, he’d take out an old telescope, and together, we’d peer through it and gaze at the heavens. This hobby stimulated my already overactive imagination, which resulted in various fantasies including that of a rocket ship that blasted me to a distant planet. This wasn’t any typical planet, but one with beautiful rolling hills, tranquil streams, peaceful animals, and most importantly, lovely, nubile young women. I’d land and be greeted with adoration.

I’m a Rocket Man

Say you own your own rocket that can take you to your own utopian planet. Only in your case, your rocket fuel is watered down and thinned out, and each time you approach the planet, your rocket starts to sputter because of its inferior fuel. When you land and jump out, your hair thins. The more you venture to your utopian planet, the more your hair thins.

Now think of your penis as the rocket and your body’s testosterone as the fuel that propels your rocket. Every time that you masturbate without proper rest in between sessions, you start your rocket with less fuel. When you masturbate too frequently, your body constantly converts testosterone to DHT, which results in a massive DHT buildup. This over accumulation has resulted not only in the blockage of proper nutrients to hair roots, but also in the increase of DHT attacking your individual hair follicles.

Super Fuel

Don’t stress out about these symptoms, they are common side effects of over masturbation. Stressing out about things will only accelerate your hair loss, and we don’t want you to lose any more.

One way to accelerate a safe recovery is by filling your rocket’s tanks with a natural herbal formula. (TRY: DHT Balancing Remedy) These specialized botanicals can stabilize your hormonal levels, which lower your stress levels. They can also reduce your DHT levels, while promoting circulation throughout your scalp to further reduce hair loss. In fact, these natural herbs supply your hair follicles with the proper nutrients to nourish and to stimulate hair growth. So let’s pour some super fuel into your tanks and land on that utopian planet looking and feeling good every time!

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