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The Misery of Misfiring – A Guide to Being a Longer Lasting Lover

Here we have a bipolar man who is really concerned with his recently diminished libido. What is the exact cause of it, and what can he do in order to rectify the situation?

Case #: 1824


I love sex. I love to watch as my partner enjoys the euphoria associated with sex. Seeing her elation gets me excited. Despite my gifted size and passion for sex, I feel I can make improvements. I believe I can please my partner better. I know I can make her scream louder and feel much better than she does now. What I want to know is how can I improve my endurance? How can I go for hours instead of minutes?


We all know that women just love a guy with a big package; and since they also love gifts, unwrapping some heavy pipe-laying equipment can be like unwrapping one big present for them. On the other hand, some guys are blessed with the ability to go for hours and wear a vagina out after turning the bed into a sweat-sponge.

Some guys have both, and are much sought after in terms of their love-making abilities. Other guys ended up with the “short end of the stick” and have neither the size nor endurance, and as such, feel the need (and often do) overcompensate by having a great income which allows them to try to impress women through monetary means.

Never Enough

Still others might have been able to last forever in the sack in the past, but their endurance has decreased for one reason or another; perhaps a change in diet, the natural aging process, performance anxiety, excessive masturbation, as well as certain medications.

Whatever the case, many men can experience a deficit in their serotonin levels which in turn adversely affects their ejaculatory nerves. When these nerves are weakened past a certain threshold, the ability for a man to maintain control over his semen goes south; it’s like trying to plug up a bunch of holes in a leaky water balloon…in other words: Impossible.

So how can a man go from zero-to-hero in terms of having a strong sexual endurance and the ability to master his ejaculation control?

Taking Back Control

If your food intake is crappy then you’re at a higher risk of suffering from a low endurance. Fast food, fatty junk foods, drugs and/or alcohol, obesity; these can all contribute to the problem and make it seem like it takes a lot of effort just to get out of bed in the morning. Changing your diet to a healthy one full of whole foods, plenty of plain water, while also incorporating some form of fitness routine can really boost your endurance naturally.

Most men need additional help to really make a difference however, and that’s where taking an herbal remedy comes in. (SEE: Natural Cistanche for Endurance and Firm Erections) These highly effective concoctions can replenish and rebalance your body’s DHT, DHEA, testosterone, dopamine, and serotonin levels, getting you back on track, recharged from the inside out, and getting you ready to rumble in the bed again.

They can also strengthen your PC muscles and parasympathetic nerves, enabling you to regain control of your ejaculatory abilities again. The result: You climaxing when you want to, with no messy and embarrassing shots fired off too early. So get serious and heal your body the all-natural way!

What to do

Cong Rong Cistanche Last Longer with Firmer Erection Remedy

Here is a very popular formula with many commanding herbs known to strengthen the parasympathetic nerve endings and to allow for a harder erection with improved ejaculation control.

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