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Fires in the Hole – Who Would Have Thought That Inflammation Could be caused by Something So Simple?

Here, a man has multiple issues going on at the same time, including prostatitis and some painful pee. How can he hope to improve his situation?

Case #: 1852


I have been diagnosed with pudendal neuralgia, and chronic prostatitis, due to inflammation/infection. I have low sacral pain due to middle cluneal nerve irritation not associated with any lipoma or back mouse. Also have progressive chronic pelvic pain syndrome and diabetes II.


Modern society has evolved a great deal in many ways. It has also devolved in many important ways as well. While there are still people throughout the world running around in loincloths (or fur in cold climates) carrying primitive hunting gear and tools such as spears, bait traps, bows, and the like, most of us have moved on. This is not to be confused with graduating to a new and better quality of life and here’s why...

In developed areas, especially near larger cities, people are eating more processed foods than ever. These are foods with reduced nutrients and are usually jam-packed with more calories, plus all kinds of bad fats. In the United States more people than ever are fat; the number of overweight people in the US more than doubled since the 1980s.

Sittin’ Around

Fast food joints with menu items including the term “belly busters” are on every street corner, along with long lines of people sitting in their cars, with their cell phones lying atop their portly bellies, furiously texting away at someone.

For the purpose of this case study, the operative word here is sitting. Not only do people sit in their cars in these lines, but they also sit in them while on long commutes to and from work, as well as after work when they get home and fall into their sofas or La-Z-Boy chairs for a highly active [wink] evening of television viewing.

All that sitting, plus an increased and overstrained load to carry (in the form of lots of fat) can put a tremendous strain on a person’s lower pelvic region, including the prostate and sacral bone, which is the triangular-shaped bone at the end of the spine.

This can cause disorders including inflammations and infections to occur, leading to further problems such as urinary pain and incontinence. Maybe it’s time for you to seek an all-natural healing path for these issues.

Alert: Previously Hidden Knowledge Now Available!

Ancient Chinese herbalists discovered long ago that certain herbal concoctions could cure many different types of dysfunctions, including issues with painful prostates and urinary pain and discomfort. (SEE: Traditional Chinese Medicine for Prostate Health) Powerful botanicals such as Ophiopogon help to naturally increase the volume of urinations, while others such as Dianthus, and Licorice, serve to expel accumulated heat through urine, and harmonize the herbal mixture’s properties for maximum potency and effectiveness, respectively.

What people still find astonishing is that while you’re detoxifying your body and reducing prostatic swelling and inflammation (and thus eliminating urinary issues), you’re causing zero harmful side-effects to yourself because they are all-natural.

The same can’t be said for most Western pharmaceutical-grade medications. So what are you waiting for? Get in on this previously secret knowledge and get back to your old self again!

What to do

Traditional Chinese Medicine For Urinary & Prostate Inflammation

Ba Zheng Urinary & Prostate Formula is one of the most popular formulas recorded in the medical textbook, Imperial Grace Formulary, which dates back a few hundred years.

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