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No More Penis Pills—Alternatives to Growth for 59-year-old Men Who Wants to Grow His Penis

Disappointed with the poor results from the pills he has been using to enhance his erection, this man wants to know if there are any other options. Happily for him and any other man in a similar situation, he does have other choices.

Case #: 1232


I am a 59 year old man who loves to have sex. I have tried a lot of pills to increase my size but I give up. I no longer want to increase my size using pills. Is there an alternative to that? Maybe some sort of lotion or device? I want to grow just a little more so I can become a sex god.


Despite the popularity of pills as a method of delivering medications, there are factors that can limit how effective they can be.

Weak Medicine

One of the most significant is the patient's digestive system; there is no point in even taking the pills if your stomach cannot produce the chemicals necessary to break down the pills' outer layers to release the medicine into your system.

Another is poor blood circulation in your genitals; even if you have properly digested the pills and gotten the medicine into your system, narrowed arteries or low blood pressure may reduce the amount of medicine that reaches the target areas before your liver removes the medicine from your bloodstream.

There are several alternative formats for medicine delivery. Drinkable liquids can be called "tinctures” or “elixirs if you prefer. ("Potion" is technically correct but has lost respect in recent times.) Powders may be mixed into compatible foods or beverages, and certain medicines may be vaporized to be inhaled.

In the days of Western alchemy, there was a delivery system called a "pastille", in which a medicinal tablet was ignited and the patient breathed the smoke, essentially combining medicine with incense. For now, let's focus on the last remaining simple delivery system: unguents.

What Is An Unguent?

"Unguent" is a broad and slightly archaic term for any kind of cream, lotion or gel spread on the skin for medicinal purposes. Many medicines can be used in this format, though the skin barrier makes it less effective for dealing with problems deeper in the body. Fortunately, the penis and scrotum are essentially external organs and therefore excellent candidates for lotion-based treatments.

Lotion = Sexual Lightning In A Tube/Jar?

These all-natural lotions have been designed to help enhance the male sexual experience as a complementary addition to other efforts, such as the Penile Ballooning technique. You can use them either as a general topical medicine, like suntan lotion or burn cream; it's also perfectly acceptable to use them as a personal lubricant during sex. (SEE: Natural Herbal Lotions for Penile Enhancement)

We still recommend reading the instructions carefully. You and your partner would be very wise to test your lotion of choice before using it during sex, just to avoid the uncomfortable discovery that one of you is sensitive to it.

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