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Mind Control Equals Ejaculation Control

My specific challenge is premature ejaculation. How do I effectively prolong sexual intercourse for long periods of time without ejaculating? Sometimes even during embracing and passionately kissing nude in bed I will ejaculate.

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I love this website and all the sexual wisdom and knowledge! Thank God. I am in good health. My specific challenge is premature ejaculation. How do I effectively prolong sexual intercourse for long periods of time without ejaculating? Sometimes even during embracing and passionately kissing nude in bed I will ejaculate. Also, what herbs and/or supplements do you offer to improve male sexual potency and prevent premature ejaculation and what can I do to keep my penis hard for hours?


Sorry to hear about your PE problem. I wonder if you may be experiencing mind-driven orgasms during your sexual encounters. Your weak erection is a result of weak acetylcholine action (the weak parasympathetic nervous function). Generally speaking, a powerful parasympathetic nervous function can lock up the ejaculation controller. When you have a powerful erection, your mind becomes very confident and relaxed.

You don't have to contract the prostate to assist your erection so a powerful parasympathetic nervous function can balloon the penis to an extreme, which reduces the sensitivity of the penis as well. In mind-driven orgasms, premature ejaculation is associated with hyperactive sympathetic nervous functions, over-production and over-burning of testosterone, a weak erection, and sexual exhaustion (prostate overstress and fatigue!) due to over-masturbation or over-ejaculation.

Pure mind-driven orgasms cannot be fully solved by internally and externally numbing the penis, since the brain/nervous function is too sympathetic, overexcited. This type of orgasm generally happens during a young man's first sexual encounter. Regulated or normalized ejaculation can reduce premature ejaculation due to pelvic congestion - the pelvic pressure resulting from the overfilled seminal vesicles.

Some mind-driven premature ejaculations are the result of a hyperactive sympathetic nervous function (over-excited) in the brain during sex. The solution for this problem is to moderate the brain/mind action on the sympathetic sexual nerve by increasing the serotonin level in the brain.

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