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Post-Vasectomy Blues

Here’s a guy who got a vasectomy several years ago, in the name of family planning. Now, however, it may have come back to haunt him by reducing his sex drive, semen volume and hair density. Read on to see what can be done.

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I am 51 years old. I had undergone family planning i.e. Vasectomy 15 years back. Over the years my sexual drive has reduced. The volume of sperm is a lot less. Moreover my hair fall has increased balding me slowly. I want to rejuvenate my health. What medicines would you suggest?


For guys who don’t want any (or any more) children, a vasectomy seems like a great way to solve that problem. Unfortunately, there are still drawbacks. Even if the procedure itself goes precisely as planned, there may still be problems down the road.

Ups And Downs Of Vasectomies

Let’s take a look at some of the more subtle side-effects since you are not experiencing any of the more obvious problems like weak erections or impotence.

Check Fluid Levels

It’s a common misconception that sex drive is just something that comes and goes, like the weather. Sex drive is actually a function of a complex series of biochemical reactions, including adjusting the amount of certain hormones that are supposed to be in your bloodstream all the time.

For example, you’re always supposed to have a small amount of adrenaline loose in your system, for when you only need a small boost of energy for a short period of time, like double-timing it for the elevator. (You don’t need a full-fledged adrenal surge to get you past the armed guards, nor do you need to vibrate with tension while the elevator’s taking you where you need to go. Unless the only other person in the elevator is available and interested, but I’ll leave the rest of that thought for your imagination.) Likewise, testosterone doesn’t just boost your aggression. Your body maintains a particular level of it for many other important things, like maintaining proper bone density.

What’s Going On?

Testosterone is manufactured in the male body mostly in the testes. Vasectomies can damage your testes’ ability to manufacture testosterone, but you might also not be getting enough of the nutrient “building blocks” you need to make it. Also, testosterone gets turned into various other things (like DHT) to perform other tasks; if your body is consuming a higher proportion of your testosterone supply, leaving less of the regular stuff for its other uses, then you’ll see and feel the effects.

Your body may be converting too much testosterone into DHT. Since higher levels of DHT can lead to thinning hair and an enlarged prostate, you need to reduce the DHT levels in your blood to more appropriate levels.

What can I do?

The best bet is to exercise more, manage your stress levels, and check your diet. Excess abdominal fat can be a sign of insufficient testosterone, and getting rid of your spare tire can help boost your testosterone. It can also boost your general self-confidence, which will reduce your stress levels. Adjusting your diet to include more raw cruciferous vegetables will help reduce your estrogen levels as well as improving your bowel movements. (Yes, males have some estrogen in their bodies, and it does perform important functions, but guys don’t need anywhere near as much as the ladies do.)

While you’re experimenting with these changes, with advice from your health-care provider, you might consider using an herbal supplement designed to increase your libido. (TRY: Low Sex Drive Booster) It’s the result of many years of careful research and can improve most of your symptoms given enough time to work.

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