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Experiencing Squiggly Lines In My Vision

I experience unpleasant eye twitching around three to five times a day, and I often am blinded by the squiggly lines in my vision

Case #: 374


I am experiencing squiggly lines in my vision, and I am worried the vision problems may be caused by too much sexual activity. I have recently reduced the amount of times that I have sex or masturbate, but the symptoms keep occurring. I experience unpleasant eye twitching around three to five times a day, and I often am blinded by the squiggly lines in my vision.


Dismissed as common ailments of the eyes, eye floaters obstruct the vision with dark, squiggly lines. Eye floaters can be irritating and can become a danger to your day-to-day activities, such as driving, reading or watching television. Taking eye drops and resting your eyes will not alleviate your symptoms because a damaged eyeball does not cause the problem.

Chemical Reaction

Excessive ejaculations cause a depletion of C3G phyotochemicals, which are needed to stabilize your visual input. Low C3G photochemicals can hamper the eye’s ability to process images and cause the dark, squiggly lines. These distortions can appear in as little as half an hour after an ejaculation. Even studies have found a correlation between frequency of eye floaters and other sexual dysfunction such as weak erections, premature ejaculations or impotence.

Striking A Balance

Cut back on the frequency you ejaculate. Three to four times a week makes for a healthy habit to masturbate. Herbal Treatment for Eye may eliminate excessive inflammatory hormones and improve C3G phyotochemicals necessary for your vision. You too may want to eat Goji berries, which contain anti-oxidants and nutrients beneficial to the eyes.

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