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Popping Off Too Early and the Realities of a Stressful Modern Day Life – A Powerful Solution Awaits You

A young man can’t hold his sperm in check anymore and is wondering what went wrong. Is it an external or an internal issue that he (and any other men) is facing? Let’s find out…
Case #: 2059

I’ll be the first one to admit that my college days were shrouded in a haze of weed smoke and rivers of beer and liquor. I’m surprised I even graduated!

My problem is that I cum too quick when I’m having sex with my partner. I don’t know what it is but maybe it’s due to colliding with the reality of having to work hard in order to survive in a crappy economy? I do jack-off to relieve stress too.
Help me out please because it’s really got me down.

Mike sat on the edge of the bed, his head slumped down in shame and disappointment. His girlfriend, Jill, was still lying back in bed wearing a frown. The sheets had hardly been disturbed.
“Is it me? Are you not turned on by me anymore?” Jill queried.
“No…I don’t know what’s wrong to tell you the truth,” Mike answered. “All of a sudden, it just started doing that…like I just can’t hold back for long anymore.”
“Well, we’ll work through this hun, it’s just a temporary setback I’m sure,” Jill said.
“Yeah, okay.”
After a couple more dismal displays of sex-play, where Mike lasted no more than a few minutes before climaxing, Jill was gone.
Behind the Veil

Mike thought back to his younger years; in college he had been a hard-partying guy who smoked lots of weed and drank alcohol heavily. He also began to masturbate a lot during those times. When he graduated (barely) from college, he moved on to a high-pressure, stressful job.
If that wasn’t enough, Mike owed a mountain of money in terms in school loans and his new job didn’t pay all that much. All of the stress associated with life in the real world caused him to drink a lot during after-work happy hours with co-workers, and then he’d return to his small apartment to masturbate.
In spite of all of this, Mike failed to figure out why he was having premature ejaculation problems.
Bottom of the Barrel

With the global economy the way it is these days, it’s no wonder people are stressed out; wondering how they’re going to pay their mortgages, rents, or sometimes even worrying where their next meal is going to come from. Other factors such as illegal drug and alcohol abuse can all negatively impact a man’s health as well.
These factors can all contribute to the body’s various glands and organs being affected in detrimental ways, including the depletion of essential hormones and neurotransmitters, and also limiting proper blood circulation. When not enough vitamins and nutrients are delivered (via blood flow) to parts of the body that need them, including the genitals, premature ejaculation can occur. This in turn can put an indefinite hold on a man’s sex life.
Rising to the Top

Your hands and feet contain complex bindings consisting of neural trigger points which travel down neural pathways to vital organs and nervous system endpoints within your body. Applying pressure to specific points can stimulate positive nervous response, organ and gland function, and blood flow. This practice is called Reflexology (SEE: Reflexology for Premature Ejaculation), and is highly effective at:

  • Bolstering kidney function – enabling your body to detoxify itself and also increase blood circulation
  • Restoring and stimulating proper pituitary and adrenal gland functions – which help to calm your body and strengthen ejaculatory nerves
  • Re-regulating pineal gland function – which promotes melatonin production for a more restful sleep and therefore enhanced hormone and neurotransmitter restoration

Reflexology, when used in conjunction with all-natural healing herbs, can eliminate premature ejaculation altogether. So make it a part of your life and reap the benefits of total control over your ejaculations!

What to do

Reflexology Treatment for Premature Ejaculation

Reflexology stimulates the nervous system, blood flow, and organs of the body through trigger points that congregate in the hands and feet. Applying pressure to these specific locations can alleviate premautre ejaculation symtpoms.

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