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Can't Perform as a Stallion Anymore?

His love of sex exhausted his body's resources to produce an erection. He was looking to resuscitate his body's natural resources so that he could return to normal sexual activity.

Case #: 460


I love to feel the warmth of a woman pressed against my body. I love how she can finish me with the movement of her hips. My girlfriend and I enjoy a healthy, active sex life. We both love to explore—and fulfill our fantasies together. From steamy parking lot sex to wild cosplay, we have enjoyed our sexual inhibitions.

Now, I fear the worse has occurred. The last few weeks I have noticed my erections become weaker. Before, my erections could crush a block of ice. Now, my erections look like a dangling tube sock. My girlfriend tries fervently to assist me. She tries kissing, licking, rubbing, even massaging my tired friend all to no avail. It just sits there—motionless, like a cooked noodle. As a 37-year-old man, I am concerned that I may suffer from impotence. What’s wrong with me?


I can understand your concern. After years of great sex, the machinery doesn't seem to work anymore. But take it easy for a minute. Yes, age does play a part in sexual functioning, but you are still young enough that impotence should really not be an issue. Nutrition and rest are the more likely culprits here.

Every man suffers from one instance of erectile dysfunction. We live stressful lives that contribute to the problem. One of the main causes of erectile dysfunction is a high sex drive with little recovery time. In your case, you have overused your manhood without giving it the proper amount of time to recoup its resources to perform as expected every time.

What is Involved When You Have Sex?

Sexual desires start in the brain. When you see your girlfriend, your brain releases catecholamines, dopamine and adrenaline. The pituitary, as master of ceremonies, senses the attraction you have for your partner and orders the production of testosterone and DHEA. Too much sex causes a depletion in these chemicals.

The Problem

If you don't eat and rest properly between sessions, you will eventually suffer from sexual exhaustion, which will prevent you from having normal intercourse with your girlfriend. Sexual exhaustion is no different than exhaustion from regular exercise.

When you exercise, you deplete your body's resources and fill your muscles with lactic acid. That acid makes you feel tired. When you have sex, your heart rate can reach 150 beats per minute, about the same rate as sprinting to the finish line in a track meet. That is why you feel exhausted after having sex with her.

If a sprinter continues to sprint daily without proper nutrient intake and rest, his body is going to get injured and not improve his performance. If you continue to have sex with her without allowing your body to rebuild the resources it needs to continue, your body will stop doing what you are asking of it.

Diet Solutions

To improve your performance with her, you need to improve your diet by adding protein and HDL fats to it. You can do that easily enough by simply eating more fish, walnuts and whole grains as well as Omega 3 oils. These are needed to increase the level of sexual hormones in the body.

Animal proteins increase estrogen, progesterol and adrenalin, which are all needed for healthy sex. Fruits improve synaptic response rates, which are required for the various hormones to work properly.

What To Do

If the diet is fine but symptoms persist, there is an herbal remedy. The market is replete with resources to help you build muscle tone and improve your endurance during a race. One example is Tribulus, a natural herb from China, India and Bulgaria that increases testosterone, improves the male libido and increases the length of intercourse. With proper nutrition, rest and supplements, you and your partner will be back to having that hot sex in the parking lot.

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