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Marijuana Can Lead To Permanent Impotence

His excessive pot smoking has lead to impotence. Now, his girlfriend is searching for answers.

Case #: 29520


I love my boyfriend; he’s sweet to me. Except I wish he could gain a steady erection during sex. I do not want to express my frustrations because I know his psyche will become damaged if I do. But as a young female who enjoys sex, I too need to experience the thrill of an orgasm.

Before sex, I notice my boyfriend will gain an erection, but during the act, he goes limp. What could be the cause of this occurrence? Could his years of abusive pot smoking be to blame?


Marijuana, like any recreational or prescription drug, can cause erectile dysfunction issues when used for long periods of time. Marijuana injects small amounts of toxic byproducts into your system. When taken in excess, marijuana can start to slow the liver’s production, resulting in high levels of toxic materials and low levels of nutrient consumption.

The combination of both can create a slew of problems for your boyfriend’s penis.

Powering an Erection
Think of sex as a chemical reaction comprised of multiple bodily organisms and systems working in unison to power a man or woman’s sexual desires. When any of these bodily systems stops working properly, sex drive starts to become depleted.

In your boyfriend’s case, acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter responsible for controlling an erection, has become depleted thanks to the toxins of marijuana. When the marijuana's chemicals replace acetylcholine in the nervous synapses, your boyfriend’s brain and autonomonic nervous functions become disordered, which results in no erection.

Fixing The Problem
Marijuana is the main culprit behind his weak, unsustainable erections.

If you want him to start getting hard again, he needs to quite smoking marijuana. The body will respond by being able to eliminate the toxic waste created by the drug. Aside from quitting the drug, you both will need to refrain from any type of sexual activity. That means no sex—of any kind. No masturbation. And no pornography.

His body needs to stabilize itself, and more sex will keep the acetylcholine levels low. Finally, if you both want to return to sexual activity as fast as possible, try all-natural supplements that will boost the body’s ability to eliminate toxic waste.

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