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Impotence - Caused by Cock Ring Injury

A cock ring, placed at the base of a penis, slows the leakage of blood to help a man maintain an erection for longer. The advantages are obvious--harder erections that lead to greater sexual experiences for a man and his partner. Unfortunately, cock rings can also lead to long-term damage of the penis, resulting in premature ejaculation, weak erections and impotence.

If you wear a cock ring to compensate for erectile dysfunction, you should consider various natural approaches discussed on this site. Otherwise, you can risk injury from excessive use.

Cock Ring Dangers

A penis becomes erect when the lining of its cylinders engorge with blood. Cock rings can cause ruptures to the cylinder lining, ruptures that can lead to bruising. When blood vessels rupture, the blood flow cannot enter the penile chambers to fill and produce an erection.

Cock rings left on for more than 30 minutes, while sleeping pose serious injuries that may lead to temporary or permanent nerve damage. When a cock ring has been worn for too long, the penis can become cold, numb and or white. If you experience any of these signs, remove the ring immediately and seek medical care. If you suffer weak erections or a loss in erection firmness caused by cock ring damage, you need to fix your damaged penile tissues and nerve through natural remedies.

Recovering from a cock ring injury requires months of rehabilitation. Unlike other bodily injuries, the delivery of nutrients to the penile soft tissue does not occur the same as with other body parts. The soft tissue inside the penis requires months of nutritional aid to eliminate the scaring and bruising.

The Danger of Priapism 

Cock rings may also cause persistent erections (priapism), a medical emergency that, if not treated promptly, can result in severe and permanent damage, including penile gangrene and amputation of the penis.
Priapism injects about 500 cc of blood into the penis from the perineum and groin areas. As a result, the adjacent tissue and prostate suffer from a lack of blood, androgen hormones and neurochemicals that prevent prostaglandin E-1 synthesis needed for the elasticity of nervous fibers. Meanwhile, the body produces an excess of prostaglandin E2 that directly stimulates the penis and leads to persistent sexual arousal. When the pituitary gland fail to release sufficient prolactin, the body cannot suppress sexual arousal.

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