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Is It Time for a Masturbation Fast?

Is it possible to masturbate too much? The evidence says yes. Hear one guy's story of diminished libido, and find out why too much stroking is bad for your sexual health.

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Been masturbating a lot since I was 14. I'm 24 now and ejaculate 1-3 times a day. Is that too much? Starting to feel really run down and not interested in sex. I can hardly get a hard-on. I also feel burnt out. Any help?


Ah, yes. That old sense of sexual lethargy that accompanies excess masturbation. That lack of motivation, and the desire to just lie in bed, staring at the ceiling and contemplating whether or not the creators of Lost simply made up the storylines as they went along.

Why worry about sex when you can play 12 straight hours of World of Warcraft on your PC? This is not a great place to be, my friend.

You're 24 years old. Your sex drive should be flourishing, and your erections should be strong and healthy. If your libido is dwindling, and your weak erections are starting to look like a half-deflated balloon animal, it's time to pop open the hood and see what's going on with the engine.

As it turns out, you may be ruining your transmission with a toxic fluid consisting of over-masturbation and pornography. It's time for a good servicing...and not the kind you're used to.

The Science of “Overdoing It”

Ejaculation doesn't just magically happen. In order for you to achieve the big O, your body releases a slew of hormones and neurotransmitters, and these chemicals are not in infinite supply. If you constantly deplete your testosterone, dopamine and acetylcholine (among other things), your erections are going to become soft, your excitement will diminish, and you may find yourself overcome with fatigue.

You need to take a break, slow down, and allow your body to keep its neurochemicals in balance.

What's more, if you have been masturbating compulsively for the past 10 years, there may even be some prostate inflammation going on, which can further account for your soft erections. The prostate has to work overtime when you masturbate constantly, and like any piece of machinery, it can wear out.

Getting Your Sexual Arousal Back on Track

At the moment, your body is like a smartphone with a 9-percent charge. You need to recharge your neurochemicals to get your libido and energy back on track. With the right herbs, you can restore your neurotransmitter and hormone levels more quickly, returning some sense of normalcy to your system.

Cnidium, Cuscuta, Epimedium, Panax Ginseng, Tongkat Ali...these are just some of the chemicals that can help to repair the damage, and I would recommend an herbal remedy that contains a combination of these ingredients (SEE: Botanical solution for poor quality erection & ED). Additionally, you may want to slow down on the masturbation. After all, your body isn't an Energizer Bunny.

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