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When Getting Hard is Hard to Do

At 22 years old, impotence and weak erections shouldn't be an issue, but if you have masturbated excessively since adolescence, you may be struggling with this very problem. Find out how you can reclaim your size and vitality.

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At the age of 12 I started to masturbate till 22. I used to masturbate two or three times in a day. When I suffered from weakness, eye floaters, headaches, and penile shrinkage, I kicked the habit. But since that time I've been experiencing impotence, and now I can’t erect my penis. Sometimes when I try to erect my penis with hand, it erects but not to full form. As soon as I stop, it returns to its original position and I can’t maintain the erection. While masturbating, I feel that I will get a hard erection, but before that I get discharge.


Life can be very cruel sometimes. If it's so much fun, and it's not hurting anyone else, we should be able to do it constantly without consequence, right? Unfortunately, no. Ten million 12-steppers are lamenting that notion as we speak.

Let's do a bit of math. Ten years of masturbation, multiplied by 365, gives us a total of 3,650 days. Assuming you masturbated 3 times per day, we can assume that you masturbated nearly 11,000 times over the course of a decade. Now, I'm not illustrating this in order to call you out, but rather to give you a bit of perspective on just how much abuse your penis has taken. You're supposed to replace your toothbrush every 3 months, and replace your razors every week, because things tend to break down after repeated use. Well, you only get one penis, and it's far more sensitive than a toothbrush (if you don't believe me, have a close friend step on your toothbrush, and then step on your penis...then see which one is worse for the wear).

The Science of it All

If I were to get all technical all you, I would point out that years of chronic masturbation leads to an overproduction of inflammatory hormones like prostaglandin E2, which are useful in moderation but dangerous in excess. When prostaglandin E2 becomes overly abundant, it can severely damage your dopamine, cholinergenic, serotonin and GABA nervous functions.

To put it more simply, years of excess masturbation have thrown your hormones out of balance and caused inflammatory chemicals to wreak havoc in your body. Possible symptoms include penis shrinkage, weak erections and even youth impotence. You've already taken that all-important first step of kicking the habit, but you have already done some lasting damage. We need to get the blood flowing at optimal levels again.

Impotence Be Gone

At 22 years old, you shouldn't have to coax your penis to life like some Frankenstein monster, only to find that the mojo is gone. You should be living the college life and enjoying the best sex imaginable (assuming you're one of those odd people who enjoys sex). So in addition to saying no to chronic masturbation, I would like you—on behalf of flaccid men everywhere—to take an herbal remedy for penile chamber growth and enlargement. (TRY: Weak Erection Enlargment Herbal Remedy)

This type of remedy will contain herbs like Cistanche, Epimedium, Morinda and Schisandra, which work by stimulating the spongy tissue along your penis and improving hormone and neurotransmitter levels. As a result, your penis experiences stronger blood flow, resulting in greater size and much firmer erections. You may need to buy some bigger underwear.

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