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When Your Prostate Betrays You – The Scourge of Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a prime side effect of prostate enlargement, but what causes it?

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I could really use some advice. Just turned 63 and starting to have "old man" problems. Many times throughout the day I feel the need to urinate. But when I go to the bathroom, it appears as nothing comes out. I used to urinate for 60 seconds or longer, but now it's maybe 15-30 seconds, so I know it's not all coming out. Do I have some sort of weakness or blockage? Getting worried. Not ready for old age yet!


Getting older is no fun. At a certain age, your body starts to betray you. Sex becomes an exhausting activity, while your once-favorite foods wreak havoc on your digestive system. Well... even walking up a flight of stairs can feel like climbing Mount Everest. It's not fair, right? You're finally wise and mature enough to get out there and make a real difference in the world, and you find that youth is wasted on the young.
C'est la vie, that’s life.

And then, there is the prostrate issue. Hearing the word “prostate” from your doctor will make you feel old. Most young guys don't realize what a prostate does, but if it gets enlarged or inflamed, it can cause intense pain.
Urinary incontinence is one of the most common and annoying side effects of an enlarged prostate, but it's by no means the only issue. Let's take a look at why the simple process of urinating has become such a daunting enterprise.

The Issue of Urinary Incontinence

Your urethra manages the flow of semen from your prostate to your penis, and it also controls the flow of urine from your bladder to your penis. Urinary incontinence has been likened to the effects of a twisted garden hose, and the solution is to get the hose untangled, so to speak
How do we do this? We need to address your prostate enlargement issue and restore this all-important gland to its appropriate size. Failure to do so can lead to even greater side effects. An overactive bladder can inhibit your sleep and has even been known to cause depression and reduced quality of life.

Repairing Your Prostate Aztec Style

The Aztecs were an amazingly advanced civilization. Not only were they incredible architects and astronomers, but they knew a thing or two about cultivating useful herbs. The Aztecs found that pumpkin seed remedies were capable of relieving bladder issues. (See Aztec's Secret Formulation for Urinary & Prostate Problem)
In addition, ingredients like Flax Seed, Dianthus, Juncus and Patrinia featured in Aztec's secret formulation can treat your enlarged prostate. If you take an herbal remedy containing these ingredients, you should start to feel like your old self again.
You may even find yourself sleeping throughout the night again with little disturbance, unless you have noisy neighbors. In that case, I recommend a good pair of earplugs. Best of luck to you.

What to do

Aztec Secret Formulation for Urinary & Prostate Control

Stop rushing to the bathroom and start relaxing. If you suffer from bladder problems, take the ancient Aztec formula to help ease your woes.

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