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Ouch! My Back!

Here we read about a gentleman who has been smoking marijuana, masturbating too much, and watching porn. He has now become incapable of rising to the occasion with regards to his sex-drive. Let’s see how this can be fixed.

Case #: 741


I have intense back pain. It didn’t occur because of intense training or because of an injury at work. I haven’t been lifting anything heavy or placing intense pressure on my back. But I have noticed that after I masturbate, I experience moderate discomfort that grows gradually. Could my excessive desire to masturbate be the cause?


Masturbation can be a source of great pleasure for people. These are stressful times, not only are unemployment levels high and the pressure to find a job enormous, but even if one has a job, work related anxiety can lead to a constant state of distress and alarm. One way that people seek to cope with this is through having some self-sexy time. However, as the pressures mount so can the frequency of masturbatory sessions per week and even per day.

Worn Out

As one accelerates his or her masturbatory cycle, their bodies can become depleted of sexual hormones and neurotransmitters. This can cause the heightening of the threshold that it takes to experience pleasure, causing further burnout of the body’s resources and resulting in a vicious cycle and downward spiral which can lead to symptoms such as lower back pain. This can make it feel as if a UFC fighter has elbowed you in the back repeatedly!

Bravo! You were very astute to go down a list of probable causes and eliminate them one by one. Now you have deduced correctly that excessive masturbation is the root cause of your condition. Here is what is happening. When you ejaculate too much without resting properly and letting your body recover, your body converts too much dopamine (pleasure chemicals) to norepinephrine-epinephrine, causing your endocrine and cardiovascular systems to spaz out, and also inhibit your liver and kidney’s functions.

In addition to this, every time that you engage in your chronic masturbation sessions you are wearing down your body and beating it up. This causes it to release too much of prostaglandin E-2 which normally functions to smooth out your muscles for reparations. Since your body is now flooded with these lipids it no longer helps to heal your body; it causes inflammation resulting in your back pains.

Power Healing

You are constantly engaging in self-abuse through your obsessive masturbatory habits, so start the healing process by halting masturbation for a while. When your back finally starts to recover from its soreness you may return to it, but only engage in 3 or at most 4 sessions per week. Don’t get caught up in that vicious cycle again.

But first you have to fully heal, and one way that you can really reduce the amount of time it may take is through taking a healing botanical supplement. (SEE: Herbal Back Pain Relief) Ancient healing herbs such as Bupleurum can help to boost your overburdened liver’s detoxification abilities and repair it’s tissues. Others such as Guarana help with regaining your energy levels and recovering from sexual exhaustion. And did you know that powerful herbs such as Schisandra naturally synthesize within your body and greatly increase its natural healing capabilities?

Together, these and other specialized botanicals work together in a synergistic fashion, which can eventually lead to a pain-free back and a return back to a normal, healthy life. Invest in yourself the natural way.

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