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Dangers of Penile Pumps And How To Recover

He is suffering from penile sensation, weak erections and low libido after using a penile pump and penile enlargement pills.

Case #: 333


I bought into the egregious fabrications penile pump company promised. I used the pumps. I even tried the additional exercises recommended. Did my penis grow? Sure, it grew a few centimeters, but that’s not the problem: being unable to sustain an erection is. Since using the pumps, I noticed my penis no longer can stay hard—it even lacks sensation. Stoking my penis results in a semi-flaccid state. If I do manage to gain an erection and ejaculate, I can’t even feel the pleasurable sensation. Please, tell me what’s wrong with my body!


Companies that sell pumps and pills dupe thousands of people into believing their products work. Do most pumps provide results? Maybe. But remember, if you are not using it carely, your pump can rupture blood vessels and cause bruising. Once the vessels can no longer pump blood to the penis chambers, the result can lead to weak erections and impotence.

Pop Goes The Weasel!
Pumps and pills create a contrived image of your penis size. These products create an image of false enlargement while distorting nervous cells, fibers and tissues that cause your weasel to go—POP! Blood vessels tend to rupture. Tissue tends to bruise. Most men who use pumps report tissue damage or sensitivity issues because of the damaged blood vessels, tissue, and never endings.

Your Confidence Needs a Boost, Not Your Erection Size
The damage is done. Now it’s time to fix booth your ego and your problem. Most men try these products to boost their confidence. Truth is, most women care less about the size of your penis (most care about the girth--or if they're a romantic, the size of your heart ). Still, if boosting your size is of utmost importance and you need to fixed it naturally with Penile Injury & Nerve Rejuvenation Solution.

Before your erections can go back to how they once were, your body will need to heal the damaged nerve endings, tissue, and blood vessels. Without healing theses areas first, you will never gain those rock-hard erections you once had. Now please note, healing the penis will take time. Injuries to tissue, vessels, and nerve endings take months to heal.

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