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When You Just Suck So Much – Penis Pumps and “Pieces of Meat”

This case study involves a gentleman who has been vacuuming the hell out of Mr. Happy down there, and now he’s (surprise!) having problems getting hard. What the--? Yes, and now let’s see how he can hope to reverse this situation.

Case #: 1454


I was using a penis pump until I started to lose the power of my erections. After using the penis pumps for hours at a time I believe that I have damaged my penis. It now just hangs like a piece of meat and I need it to get hard again, at least when there is a woman expressing her body to me. The bottom line of all of this is that I want to get rid of this limp penis and get back my rock hard erections.


You wake up that morning feeling great! You thought all night about the little plan you were going to hatch today as you lie in bed for a little bit, and then turn and kiss your girlfriend to wake her up. She’s wondering why you’re in such a good mood, but all that you tell her is that you’ve got to take a trip to the mall today; and her eyes light up (shopping + women = in the bag). After breakfast you both hop into your car and drive over to the nearest shopping mall. After barely managing to divert your girlfriend from feverishly trying to goad you into visiting some stores full of a bunch of worthless trinkets, you convince her that you have a plan that will help you both.

Huh? Just Going Shopping, Dear...

Swaggering into a big department store, you locate the section containing vacuum cleaners, and ask a clerk on hand which one is the most powerful. After he points it out, you purchase it and head home; your girlfriend is both upset because she didn’t get to buy this-and-that, and also a little suspicious of your “plan.” Within moments of getting home, you rip the vacuum out of its large box and immediately plug it in. Taking the large circular plastic vacuum hose in your hand, you place it directly over your penis and push the “maximum power” button. You try to act normal as your penis starts to feel numb and your girlfriend looks on in horror as all of the blood drains out of your face.

While the above scenario might seem a little silly, what guys are doing to themselves with penis pumps isn’t much different. In the desperate quest to try to enlarge their penises, many men don’t do their due diligence, or even an elementary amount of research on penis pumps and their attributed dangers. Some men don’t even read the instruction booklets that come with these hazardous devices; they just rip it out of the box and start to vacuum away! Vrrrroooom, vrooooom!

What actually happens thereafter is that these motorized pumps create a powerful suction on your penis, sucking blood from other parts of your body into your penis with such force that it can rupture blood vessels. The extreme vacuum pressure can also tear through penile tissues as well as damage nerve endings in order to simulate an artificial erection. This results in you feeling like The Mighty Thor took his hammer to your penis a few times, and now you’re left there with something hanging there “like a piece of meat.” So now I bet you’re wondering how to get it back to normal?

Look, it’s A New Vase!

You can’t… just kidding. Although some damage has been done down there, penis pump abuse is more prevalent than most people imagine. What you might want to do is immediately improve your interior decorating skills by placing some flowers in your penis pump and placing it on your coffee table.

In order to really reverse the damage done to your penis, consider taking a powerful botanical solution. (TRY: Natural Formula for Penile Nerve Rejuvenation & Injury Repair) The potent healing properties contained in these mixtures can help to repair your ruptured and torn penile blood vessels and tissues, while also helping to boost the production of growth factors such as HGH, DHEA, and nitric oxide for firmer erections. An added benefit is rejuvenating and restoring damaged nerve endings, enabling your penis to recover its sensitivity for added pleasure. So get moving; a new and much stronger stiffy is awaiting you!

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