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STRETCHING THE TRUTH – The Reality and Pitfalls of Penile Stretching

Let’s delve into this interesting case involving a gentleman who has been engaging in particularly harmful penile exercises known as Jelging. As a result of this harmful stretching technique, he has caused trauma to his little guy. Is there an easy fix? Let’s look at the realities of recovery.

Case #: 536


I am having trouble getting an erection. I think this is due to the previous stretching and jelqing techniques I have performed. I'm not sure what specific creams or things to use, so your advice would greatly be appreciated.


Your Penis isn’t a Cow’s Boob

Urology focuses on the male and female reproductive organs, including the penis. And the penis, according to urologist, serves two purposes—reproduction and urinary-waste removal. You will not find a single entry in urology studies or texts describing the penis as a cow’s nipple that needs to be “jelqed.”

Jelging, in addition to other potentially harmful penile enlargement programs, can lead to not only penile inflammation and bruising, but also ruptures to penile nerve tissue, which can result in erectile dysfunction. Strained ligaments, meanwhile, can serve as another cause for why your member remains “soft” and unable to play.

During rigorous Jelging, you literally make a cow-milking motion with your hand that stretches the penis beyond its normal capacities in a vain and hapless attempt to make it permanently larger. Strained ligaments are not only damaged by this, but can also become torn, which require surgery!

How to Get Back to Fun Size?

Now that we’ve established that the penis is not a part of the bovine anatomy, let’s focus on how you can return your penis to its glory days as a fun addition to any party. A real exercise program, as opposed to one for your recovering penis, plus a healthy diet and proper rest, can all balance your hormonal levels.

This aids in your body’s ability to heal itself, and also lowers your heightened stress levels. In addition, taking a natural herbal remedy can also boost your body’s regenerative capabilities, and shorten the time it takes to regain a regular erection.

These powerful botanical supplements can also stimulate the production of testosterone, the male’s main sex drive hormone. Since these formulas are all natural, there are no health drawbacks. So stop fooling yourself with all of the wacky penile exercises and get serious about a more realistic and holistic remedy.

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