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Fire Down Below–When Frequent Masturbation Turns Painful

Do you love to masturbate?Who doesn’t?You’ll need to be careful,though.Frequent masturbation can cause severe inflammation and worse.Learn the startling facts.



My boyfriend and I have great sex but once in awhile after his orgasms he has tremendous pain starting at his anus through his testicles,penis then lower stomach.Could you possibly tell me why this happens to him?Thank you.


There’s nothing like the unfortunate emergence of severe penile burning to ruin an otherwise hot sex life.After all,a man shouldn’t have to endure devastating pain order to experience unspeakable pleasure(although there is a certainly an audience for that).Assuming that your boyfriend hasn’t contracted any sexually transmitted diseases,it sounds like he may have some level of prostrate and urethral inflammation.At the risk of throwing your boyfriend under the bus,this problem is most commonly caused by excess ejaculation.So either,a)the two of you are having sex like rabbits,or b)he’s supplementing his sex life with frequent masturbation.

The Cause of the Inflammation

There is a science to why your boyfriend feels like his genitals are on fire.Excess ejaculation causes an imbalance of hormones,and specifically,it leads to an over-abundance of inflammatory hormones like cortisol,DHT and prostaglandin E2.DHT inflames the prostate and the urethra,making life’s most pleasurable experience about as uncomfortable as pouring lemon juice over a paper cut.It all happens because the body is increasing immune responses,which leads to short-term feelings of euphoria but long-term damage to the immune system.As it turns out,genital pain is just the tip of the iceberg.If he keeps it up,he may become more vulnerable to sickness and even disease,as these hormonal imbalances lower the body’s defenses.

Now comes the awkward part.If you want your boyfriend to feel better,you’re going to have to sit him down and say,“Look,hands are for gripping forks,not penises”(you may choose your words more tactfully).He may deny it,he may get defensive,but chances are,he’ll also slow down on the ejaculation parade.In the meantime,though,there are other things that he can do to start feeling better right away.

Herbs for Penis Inflammation

Aside from the obvious cutback on sexual stress relief,I would recommend an herbal remedy designed for sexual exhaustion.(SEE:Sexual Dysfunction&Exhaustion Relief)Herbs such as Alisma Plantago,Fo-Ti and Rhodiola contain specific properties that balance hormone levels and treat inflammation in the endocrine and reproductive systems.It’s not a substitute for sexual moderation,but it should help his future sexual liaisons to feel less torturous.And according to research,sex is far more enjoyable when it doesn’t involve devastating physical misery.Go figure.

What to do

Herbal Remedy For Sexual Exhaustion&Dysfunction

Sexual exhaustion caused by over masturbation or ejaculation resulted in devastating effect of chronic overexposure of cortisol.Prolonged cortisol elevations result in suppression of immune system,sustained elevations of blood sugar,substantial...

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