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Empty Wells – Problems Associated With Chronic Masturbation

A gentleman has been excessively masturbating, driving him to impotence. Is it too late to turn back? If not, what are the causes and solutions to this serious issue?

Case #: 575


I have been suffering from poor health since the age of 14. Here is a list of symptoms I have experienced: blurry vision, eye floaters, hair thinning, weight gain, ear ringing, sore back, forgetfulness, fatigue, stress, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and low libido. Could my problems be caused by excessive ejaculation since the age of 11?


No Bottomless Wells Exist

Masturbation is a normal part of our lives. It’s a fun, self-satisfying way to relieve stress after a hard day at the ‘ol 9 to 5; it severs as an outlet to live out a fantasy; it even helps us revisit memories and experiences from our past. Too much sexy time with one’s self, however, can be detrimental to both your mental and physical well-being.

Based of your symptoms, you are suffering from Severe Addictive Stage of Sexual Exhaustion from over masturbation before puberty. Excessive masturbation depletes your dopamine and serotonin levels that cause your body to experience less stimulation and satisfaction. With less stimulation and satisfaction, you become impotent and suffer from exhaustion and fatigue. Your chronic masturbation has also lead to a weakening of your parasympathetic nerves, which prevent early ejaculations.

Each time you masturbate, your body loses its natural reserve of hormones and neurochemicals. Without a proper break, the body cannot restore these hormone levels. Now, the waters in your well, i.e. your body’s resources, have been severely depleted, throwing your hormonal balance askew and causing vision problems, back pain, and buzzing or ringing ears. A decline in sex hormones, including progesterone, have caused you to desire less sexual activity.

Refilling Your Well

First thing’s first: take a nice three-week vacation from playing around with “Mr. Happy,” and give your body a chance to heal and to regenerate its reserves. Give your mind a break and let your hormonal levels reset, which in turn will result in your becoming less stressed out about your situation.

This reduction in stress, along with a good fitness program, will result in you eating less and losing weight. Balancing your hormonal levels can stop your hair from thinning.

One way to get you back on the road to a safe and healthy recovery is by taking Advance Herbal Remedy For Exhaustion & Dysfunction. These ancient herbal remedies contain isolated flavonoids that balance your hormonal levels, and boost your energy and stamina. So let’s fill your well back up with some super water!

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