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Poopa-Scoopa – When You Don’t Want Ca-Ca on Your Wee-Wee

A man has a concern about trying anal with a young “lady” and would like some tips. What can we do to help him?
Case #: 1943

I really, really, really, want to try anal with this girl that I’m having sex with. She kept putting it off and stuff because she’s young and never done it, but she says if I give her lots of vaginal sex first and relax her, then I can put it in her butt.
I have heard some horror stories about guys getting crap all over their junk. What can I do to prevent this from happening to me? I have a big penis and it will probably scoop a lot of crap out of her anus. Help!

Joey had just turned 21 and he felt wild and free. He’d had his first sexual conquest when he was 15 and felt that he was experienced enough by now to try something different. While perusing some internet porn one day he started fixating on anal. He liked how the women would seem to be in pain from the penetration but also having some pleasure as well.
He called up one of the girls in his stable and directed her to come over that evening. He stayed with his dad who didn’t care that he brought girls over. His date for the night, Julie, showed up wearing tight little bootie shorts and a tank top. She had just turned 18 and was a vision of brunette beauty.
After Joey got Julie into his room, he skipped the formalities and after taking down her shorts, proceeded to bend her over on the floor. He told her that he was going to try that something new that they’d talked about earlier while he lubed up her anus with some gel. Then he unceremoniously stuck his erection into her anus and she squinted her eyes in pain. After pumping for a long while he ejaculated and jumped onto his bed in order to relax. He told her he was tired and for her to leave, which she did.
Joey then felt a strange sensation on his penis. He looked down and saw a clump of fresh poo-poo on the head of his now soft penis. Alarmed he ran to the bathroom in order to wash it off.
Sexual Fitness

A lot of men out there go into doing anal with the blinders on. They usually see it in some porn flicks and think it’s as easy as it seems in those videos, not knowing that there should be a whole procedure in place before doing the dirty.
For a moment think of the anus as a toilet. When cleaning the bathroom, people usually clean their toilets, right? Well let’s say that you clean the outer areas of the toilet and don’t even touch the filthy, smelly, interior of it, where all of the dung collects?
Similar to a dirty toilet, if you only end up washing off the outside of the anus, such as when taking a shower, you are still failing to clean the inside of the anus. This can lead to all sorts of dirty and unsanitary situations.
You Have to Switch it Up

One way that you can prepare you or your partner for some clean anal play is by using an anal douche. These handy devices have a nozzle which is inserted deep into the anal cavity. (TRY: Anal Douches for Hygiene) They spray water against the sphincter walls in order to dislodge any poop that may be stuck in there.
One must be careful when using these devices however, as they can cause discomfort, irritation, and sometimes pain if not inserted correctly. However, when used properly, these are a great alternative to enemas since the have hardly any prep time and are ideal for when you and your partner are feeling frisky and spontaneous.
So get yours today, and avert any sort of poopy disaster which could turn you off from anal forever!

What to do

Anal Douches Reviews - For Clean &Poop-Free Anal Experience

The first questi

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