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Let’s Talk About Beads – Yes the Anal Variety

A sexually active woman is starting to become bored with the same ‘ol same ‘ol, and is looking for something in the anal realm which will heighten her pleasure and open her up to new experiences. We’re here to help.
Case #: 1948

Hi, I’m a 31 year old woman who is beginning to tire of all of the lame standard sex. You know, missionary, cowgirl, or even stuff like clit stimulators while having sex are becoming boring.
I’ve tried anal and like it, especially when a man pins me down and is rough. Is there something else that I can add to the pleasure? I’ve heard of anal plugs with beads, what are my options? Thanks for your help.

The internet revolution has spawned many niche genres, especially when it comes to sex. With the explosion of digital shopping, men and women now find it easier and more convenient to purchase sex items, aids, and guides, and have them home delivered; negating the embarrassment or nervousness of visiting an actual brick and mortar sex shop.
A Different World

Anal beads have seen a tremendous surge in popularity in recent times, as couples desirous of adding a little kinkiness into their sex sessions began to seek them out. Anal plugs are no longer viewed as taboo and are incorporated into sex in order to facilitate enhanced sensations of pleasure. The incredible boom in the popularity of porn as well as relaxed social norms around revolving around different forms of sex, has also promoted the proliferation of kinky anal sex play in recent time.
Beads, beads, and More Beads

Some people prefer large smooth beads linked together by string, others favor hand-held ones devices, and still others like ones comprised of oblong ovals with large ribbed patterns on them. One thing is for certain; anal bead designs vary between the numerous manufacturers and so it is wise for couples to go through them in order to pick out ones that suit their needs, based on their sexual goals.
While anal beads are generally safe to use when implemented properly, one must ensure that their anal cavity is clean by using an anal douche or anal enema. It is also advisable to use lots of lube, otherwise a person could end up with some serious anal pain; and be walking around the next day as if someone had shoved a spear up their butt.
Options are a Good Thing

If you and your partner are interested in taking a walk on the wild side and incorporating anal plugs into your sexual encounters, there are some great options available, (SEE: Anal Beads Pleasure Guide) depending on the desired effect:

  • Vibrating Anal Beads: These produce a subtle vibrational feeling which sends warm ripples of pleasure throughout the entire lower abdominal cavity, multiplying the stimulation factor manyfold
  • Silicone Stringed Anal Beads: If you and your lover are going to be playing with anal beads a lot, a silicone string provides additional durability for the long haul
  • Hand Grips: You’ve probably seen these in porn vids; grips that widen the anus out for those seeking to feel that
  • Thicker Beaded Anal Plugs: For those lusting for the sensation of having beads pop out of these butts, these are the way to go. These plug have a shorter string, allowing for each bead to pop out in close succession, providing intense jolts of pleasure
  • Thinner Beaded Anal Plugs: These are comprised of smaller beads that are linked together by a longer string, making them perfect for those desiring deeper penetration and the sensation of feeling each bead up their poop-chute

With all these options you really can’t go wrong; so lube it up and stuff them in – your sex life will never be the same again!

What to do

Anal Beads Pleasure Guide

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