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Orgasm Dysfunction: Were You In Another Room When it Happened?

This study relates to one 24-year-old woman who is unable to enjoy sex. At one time, sex was an every day or every other day occurrence for her and now she fears that excessive masturbation and/or excess sex may have damaged the nerve endings in her clitoris. Could this be true and if so, what can she do to restore her once potent sex drive?

Case #: 510


For me, pleasing my partner was always very important. My last lover liked to insert large dildos, which I didn’t enjoy but did because I wanted to accommodate his fantasy. He also wanted me to have multiple orgasms, which I would try to force in order to turn him on.

The gesture was certainly thoughtful, but it was at my expense. In order for me to not experience discomfort, I would have to stimulate my clitoris very rigorously, which was painful. I also apparently never read about the definition of sex as both partners “getting their rocks off” and not just one.

My current fear is that I have permanently injured my clitoris because I cannot get aroused in spite of being with a man I really care for and am extremely attracted to. I feel no sensation when my lover touches me and I worry that I will never enjoy sex again. I am currently on birth control pills and have taken weight loss medication in the recent past. The situation is stressful and depressing and I am desperate for help.


The nerves in these two vital spots are essential for a woman to have a healthy orgasm. When they are desensitized, which can occur with chronic masturbation, excessive sex and birth control pills, orgasm dysfunction often occurs.

Did you offend your G-Spot and clitoris in some way?

In the case of birth control pills, body chemistry is altered, which can cause an unnecessary build up of hormones. Vibrators are safe in moderation but if used in excess, can stretch and tear the walls of the vagina, making sex painful.

An imbalance of neuro-hormones can lead to depression. Clitoral insensitivity can also be caused by chronic stimulation via a water jet or vibrator, which releases collagens that can cause numbness.

Your body and your libido need to be friends

Orgasm dysfunction is rarely a topic that comes up at the dinner table or anywhere else for that matter. It is a private issue and for many women beyond embarrassing. In order to bring about change, your body and your libido have to live in the same town and preferably in the same house.

There is good news regarding this matter as most cases are not only treatable but totally reversible with the right natural treatment.

Therapy combined with a natural herb blend have proven to be very effective in treating the psychological aspects of orgasm dysfunction. This natural remedy also helps to cleanse the toxins from your system. Remember too that there is no substitute for a healthy, balanced attitude towards life and all its problems.

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