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My Clitoris Is Numb

Learn how a woman who has masturbated the same way since she was fifteen might have caused some serious damage doing so.

Case #: 817


I started using a water jet in the shower and sink. I've used this method of masturbation since I was 15. I also started using a vibrator to stimulate my clitoris. When I orgasm it is only one second long and it feels like nothing. My clitoris is not even sensitive. I've never been able to orgasm through sex alone.


We may not notice it while in the act, but our clitoris plays the lead role in achieving a woman's orgasm. In fact, only about ten percent of women are able to have an orgasm through penetration alone. So, what are the other 90% of us to do?

Clitoral Stimulation

The harsh reality is, most of us need that clitoral stimulation to really feel like we've experienced a full sexual encounter. I for one have never had an orgasm during sexual intercourse until just recently. It took me almost six years to figure out how I could have a complete experience too, and once I did I couldn't get enough.

Good Vibrations

When we use toys like vibrators and water jets, we do risk losing some sensitivity. A vibrator can cause minor damage to the urethra and vagina. A High powered vibrator with all the fun bells and whistles can even cause disturbances in our bladders, uterus, and cervix nerves. And don't be fooled by all those warming sensation gels and creams 'for her.' Heat mixed with high energy vibrations can cause collagen proteins to release in to the erectile tissues. For your vagina, this could be a very bad thing. If collagen becomes trapped in the erectile tissues they will harden and scar. This will also affect adjacent blood vessel tissues by expanding them.

No Sensations

I believe that, this has a lot to do with your particular problem. When the blood supply that aids local nerves in men is cut off, it leads to erectile dysfunction. In the same respect, the clitoral nervous damage and collagen scaring has hardened your clitoral surface. This is that absence of feeling you're experiencing while trying to masturbate. It also presents its self in those second-long orgasms you're having.

Bring Back That Old Feeling

The good news is, that even though there's been some damage done to your vaginal region, you can easily bring back the sensation of orgasm. Herbs like Cnidium, Maca, and Dong Quai work well together to rejuvenate the damaged clitoral nerve endings. (TRY: Clitoral Revitalization Herbal Treatment) They also increase clitoral circulation and regulate the correct production of DHEA.

I would also recommend quitting the vibrator and water jet cold turkey. The vibrator for the obvious reasons and the water jet because you might have also caused some burning during masturbation. In some aspects, a burned vagina is more painful and worrisome than just a damaged one. Like I mentioned before, adding heat with high energy is a recipe for numbness and erectile tissue problems.

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