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Orgasmic Headaches as a Symptom of Female Sexual Exhaustion

Sexual exhaustion can cause headaches and migraines, along with other unpleasant symptoms. But who is at risk for sexual exhaustion? Does it always mean that you "have too much sex?"

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I am 53, and shortly after I orgasm, I sometimes get a sharp pain in the front of my head, just above the eyes at the center of my forehead. This just started happening about 4 months ago. Should I be concerned or seeking medical attention?


First of all, I would recommend seeing a doctor to find out if you should get an MRI/CAT scan to rule out any serious health problems. You can't be too careful while addressing issues that might involve the head/brain.

If there are no unrelated health issues involved, it sounds like you are suffering from orgasmic headaches, which is an equal-opportunity ailment that can affect men and women of all ages as a symptom of sexual exhaustion. Sexual exhaustion, which simply refers to the loss of nutrients during sex, only becomes a problem when the brain can no longer replenish these nutrients as quickly as they're used. There are numerous reasons why people are affected by sexual exhaustion. Quite often, the problem is more complex than merely a result of "having too much sex."

What Causes Sexual Exhaustion?

As people age, sometimes we find that our bodies can no longer sustain the same level of activity that they used to without a rejuvenating break now and then. The same is true of sexual activity. Sex is fun, and it may not feel like a much of a workout, but it's still a strenuous activity on the minute physiological level.

The body requires a healthy reserve of various neurotransmitters, anti-inflammatory agents, and other biochemical resources to initiate and recover from sexual stimulation and orgasm. The time it takes to replenish these nutrients after their depletion varies from person to person according to age, health, and hormonal balance.

During middle and late adulthood, the hormonal changes that accompany age often slow down this process of recovery after sex. Sexual activity that once never caused any problems may now be taking a toll on your system.

As women approach menopause, we may experience changes in estrogen and progesterone ratios. An imbalance of these hormones can make you more vulnerable to inflammatory hormones normally released during or after sexual activity, and start a chain reaction that results in an overabundance of cortisol and prolactin, along with a deficiency in GABA and serotonin.

This indirectly causes the inhibition of prostaglandin E1, an anti-inflammatory agent that helps heal restore nerve tissues, heal physical trauma, and resolve headaches. Since sexual exhaustion frequently goes undiagnosed, it's possible that the problem has taken years to catch up with you and begin manifesting in noticeable symptoms.

How to Recharge:

Treating sexual exhaustion will require a period of abstinence from (or at least strict limitations on) sex and masturbation to restore normal levels of the affected hormones and nutrients. Depending on the severity of the depletion, this recovery process may take months.

You may also need to ensure than your adrenal and nervous system can withstand sex at a reasonable frequency without unpleasant symptoms. There are a number of treatments available for age-related hormone decline in both sexes, as well as a variety of natural herbal supplements (SEE: Natural Headache & Migraine Relief) that may help offset the biochemical demands of sex.

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